Pre-order Changing Ways

In next month’s debut issue of the Arcana magazine we have a preview of Changing Ways from Perth publisher Gestalt. Created by Justin Randall, the pages look awesome and the OGN is on sale now, with the rest of their items, including the new Rombies one-shot.

Go here to pre-order Changing Ways and other goodies from Gestalt and go here for a well designed Ways website that offers a few clues.

The Year Of The Spider

It’s been a while since we’ve had any cryptic pics from Marvel, so here we go. The below pic came simply with the text, “The Year of Spider-Man is 2010.” So it appears that Peter Parker will have another big year next year. In the puzzling picture (from left to right) is Parker in his Iron Spider duds when he was briefly on Tony Stark’s side during the Civil War, the young female hero Arana, seldom seen aide Madame Web and of course, the symbiote costume. Whatever happens it appears as if it will be in the Amazing Spider-Man title.

and this new pic shows an unmasked Spidey, and it appears to be from artist Pasqual Ferry (Ender’s Game, Ultimate Fantastic Four).