Snider Writes Toy Story

Below is a press release from BOOM! Studios about their latest Toy Story title, which is now an ongoing. The fast growing indie publisher has had great success with their Disney and Pixar line, such as The Incredibles and Cars, so it’s great to see they’ll still be putting out the all-ages books, despite Disney’s recent purchase of Marvel. The writer of the new 4 issue arc, beginning in December is Jesse Blaze Snider. That’s a surprise I must say, though his recently concluded mini-series for DC, Dead Romeo was far better than was initially apparent with it’s vamp romance/drama tale. It was quite dark too, so to go from that to the kid-friendly Toy Story is quite a jump, but obviously BOOM! has faith in the man, so congrats are definitely due Snider.


Why wait until next summer’s TOY STORY 3 to get your Buzz on? BOOM Kids! has your back! With the breakout success of last Spring’s TOY STORY miniseries, BOOM Kids! announces today that as of December, TOY STORY will launch as an ongoing monthly, starting with TOY STORY #0, written by rock star Jesse Blaze Snider!

“When I first saw TOY STORY years ago, I was in love,” said Snider. “It wasn’t just the idea that every toy has a secret life, but I was fascinated with the secret lives of those toys we saw in the film. It’s always been something in the back of my mind, Woody and Buzz and even the Pizza Planet aliens waiting to come out to play again. This is a tremendous opportunity and it will not disappoint.”

Jesse Blaze Snider is well known for starring in the popular MTV show, “Rock the Cradle” where he received acclaim from fans and critics alike for his “Back-Flipping” performances on the show. Fans will also recognize Jesse as a Music Host and VJ for MTV2, Fuse and AOL’s Top 11 Countdown.

When he is not writing comic books, Jesse is in the studio working on his first solo record. Growing up the son of famed rock star Dee Snider, Jesse attributes some of his greatest musical influences to watching THE MUPPET SHOW.

But Snider isn’t just a song and dance man. He’s a jack-of-all-trades with a background in comics, working on titles for both Marvel and DC, from MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS to the critically acclaimed vampire book from DC called DEAD ROMEO.

TOY STORY #0 is the tale of two Buzzes. When Andy receives another Buzz as a gift, old Buzz finds himself challenged by new Buzz! And only Woody can save the day.

The first four-issue arc is written by Jesse Blaze Snider, with interior art and covers by Nathan Watson.