The West Geeks Out

My local newspaper, The West Australian is usually pretty good with comic book coverage, and here in the sunny side of Oz (actually it’s pretty much all sunny) we’ve had a good run of successful comic creators, with Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse) and Shane McCarthy (All Hail Megatron) being the obvious stars. Last week The West ran 2 comic stories in 2 days, by 2 different journos. Cool. One was on writer McCarthy and the other article was in the business section and centred on local store, Quality Comics. You can read that article here. Gone are the days of BIFF! and POW! being stamped on anything comic related, though they do call McCarthy a “cartoon comic writer.” Man…I don’t understand why people get those two terms mixed up. Cartoons are animated and on TV screens or the cinema. Comics are static and are printed on paper. Lesson over. Hopefully when the Arcana mag launches next month they’ll give us a nod though!