Dog Eaters Trailer

Dog Eaters, written by Malcolm Wong with great art by Guillermo Angel wasn’t fortunate enough to  get every issue of its 6 ish mini-series out from troubled publisher, Dabel Bros. However, now that DB has been bought by Dynamite Entertainment, hopefully other similar unfinished series may get a second chance.

As for Dog Eaters, the Trade will be released as a digital download when all 6 issues are finished, with the 4th ish currently being completed. A spiffy “music-animatic” of the debut issue for the series is below and Malcolm’s Dog Eaters blog can be found here. You can also get the first 3 issues here.

Incorruptible #1 Preview

Irredeemable by Mark Waid and Peter Krause is BOOM!’s best series, and now the reverse of that series can be told in this month’s new Incorruptible. Press release and preview below.

What happens when a villain becomes a hero? Find out on December 16th when BOOM! Studios’ new series, INCORRUPTIBLE, the flip side to Mark Waid’s super hero epic IRREDEEMABLE, hits store shelves! Written by Waid and sporting sensational interior art by Jean Diaz (WONDER WOMAN), INCORRUPTIBLE features A & B covers by John Cassaday (ASTONISHING X-MEN) and Tim Sale (BATMAN: LONG HALLOWEEN) with a C cover by Jeffrey Spokes.

INCORRUPTIBLE showcases super villain Max Damage, who had an epiphany the day The Plutonian destroyed Sky City. That day, when The Plutonian turned his back on humanity, Max Damage decided to step up. Now Max Damage has changed his name to Max Daring and turned from his formerly selfish ways to become… INCORRUPTIBLE. The flip side to this year’s break-out smash hit IRREDEEMABLE, INCORRUPTIBLE examines the hard, difficult road to changing your ways and making a difference in the world.

“Buckle yourselves in and prepare for one of the best titles you’ve seen of this or any year,” said BOOM Marketing Director Chip Mosher. “And while you don’t need to be picking up IRREDEEMABLE to enjoy this new series, INCORRUPTIBLE continues Waid’s complex study of caped morality at the end of the world.”

INCORRUPTIBLE is an ongoing series written by Mark Waid, with sensational interior art by Jean Diaz (WONDER WOMAN). INCORRUPTIBLE #1 ships with two covers featuring art by John Cassaday (IRREDEEMABLE, PLANETARY) and Tim Sale (BATMAN: HAUNTED KNIGHT, HEROES), and an incentive cover by Jeffrey Spokes. INCORRUPTIBLE carries a Diamond Code of OCT090784.

DC’s Earth One

DC have been dabbling in the whole multiple Earth concept for decades and I’m glad to see their parallel universes (all 52 of them) at the fore these days. DC’s latest attempt at attracting bookstore browsers is a series of Original Graphic Novels set on Earth One. DC’s The Source blog describe the project like this:

Original stories featuring Batman and Superman in graphic novel form from the biggest creators out there. But these aren’t one-offs. We’re talking ongoing series of OGNs in a new continuity, on a new Earth.

Sound appealing?

Starting next year, DC Comics will unveil SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE and BATMAN: EARTH ONE, two graphic novels spotlighting the most powerful heroes of the DC Universe, with their first years and earliest moments retold in a standalone, original graphic novel format, on a new earth with an all-new continuity.

Superman: Earth One reveals Supes’ origins and is written by J. Michael Straczynki with art by Shane Davis. Batman: Earth One is by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, the Action Comics team. It’s a grand idea and the format is much more attractive to the comic book newbie than having to visit the comic shop every month  to get a complete story. I don’t think a new continuity is necessary to attract new readers though.

Both OGNs will be released next year. Oh, and that tattooed gent with the goatee? That’s Bruce Wayne’s trusty butler Alfred.