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wondertwins-sdcc091I’ve been reading the Superman Homepage for, well, years now. It’s the place to go for all your Supes-related news. Yesterday, being April Fool’s Day, they launched a few pearlers. Go here to see them all, including Tom Welling’s Smallville departure and the latest ‘development’ in the next Superman film. They’re done very well, and I’m not surprised they caught a few people out. They were also kind enough to mention my interview with Larry Tye on his new Superman book, as seen in pages 18 and 19 of the latest issue of Extra Sequential a few days ago.

Today they have even more amusing posts, including July’s Comic-Con’s exclusive Mattel action figures (Jan and Jayna) and an all-singing and all-dancing Superman and Spider-Woman from India. Sadly, this is no joke.

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