Free Magazine Preview

The last 18 months have been great for me from a hobby perspective  and I began thinking that the only thing I’m reasonably good at was comic-y stuff. So I thought I’d start a magazine. It was like  a bolt from heaven, or perhaps a caffeine induced daydream. Either way it’s exciting. Extra Sequential will be  a bi-monthly mag that will be put on-line as a PDF, totally free. Our first ish is now up, though by the time we launch our official site, some tweaking will take place. Go here to view or save the PDF (57 pages, 9.9mb) or here to see it in a great on-line viewer, and please let me know what you think. A few preview pages are below just to give you a taste. Our aim is to make comic books more accessible. The hardcore insider attraction of Wizard is not our model. We’re more inspired by the art heavy mags of street culture, hip-hop mags, with an emphasis on giving a wider audience to the diversity in comics and hopefully creating new readers along the way. Hope you enjoy it. 






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B.P.M Signing

Paul Sizer is what you could possibly call a Renaissance Man. Artist, writer, D.J, entrepeneur. Now you can see him face to face. If you live in Michigan that is. Paul will be signing copies of his latest OGN (Original Graphic Novel), B.P.M. on Wednesday. I wasn’t that familiar with the artist until I checked out his great looking web-site, which is chock full of funky art and features. See what I mean here. Anyway, here’s the official skinny:

On Wednesday, December 17th Green Brain Comics (13210 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI) is proud to celebrate the release of the new graphic novel “B.P.M.” by creator Paul Sizer with a book signing and a live dj set courtesy of local turntable prodigy DJ Konspiracy. To make the party even more special Green Brain Comics will be hosting their monthly Comic Jam that same night. It’s a great time to hang out with local comic creators and your chance to participate on improvised comic strips.


The book signing starts at 4pm on Wednesday December 17th. The Comic Jam starts when the signing ends at 7pm. DJ Konspiracy will be playing music until around 8pm.


“B.P.M.”, the latest graphic novel from artist/writer PAUL SIZER is his love letter to the music he loves. In combining the story of a young DJ with the power of computer enhanced artwork, Paul’s goal is to merge his love of comics and his love of music into a moving, dynamic story of passion, motivation and hard choices over following one’s creative dreams.

 “…Call it a mashup, call it a remix, call it a day-glo pop love letter to a misspent youth: B.P.M. is brain candy in the best sense of the word.” -PUBLISHERS WEEKLY