Free Street Fighter Doco

Capcom and Area 5 have released a 72 minute documentary celebrating classic, and continuing, video game Street Fighter. I Am Street Fighter: 25 Years of Inspiration is free to view below. It’s pretty interesting, with interviews from fans, and creators such as comics writer Jim Zubkavich as well as a look at the passion the game generates, as can be seen in the amazing displays from the players and spectators in pro tournaments.

As the title implies, it’s all about the inspiration, so unfortunately there’s no in-depth analysis of the game’s creation, but it is certainly entertaining anyway.

Street Fighter Ultimate Editions

From publisher Udon are two updated TPBs of Street Fighter comics, with a heap of new extras. Udon’s work is always visually dazzling and accessible, and of course, any SF fans will find them irresistible. From Udon’s blog, here are the details.


– collects Street Fighter #0-14, including all backup stories & covers.

– plus bonus stories from Newtype Magazine and the Capcom Summer Special, and “Cheap Shots” comedy strips.

– this new printing features a new Dark Ryu cover!

– featuring the art of Alvin Lee, Arnold Tsang, Long Vo, and Omar Dogan!

– guest stories by Joe Madureira, Adam Warren, Hyung-Tae Kim, and more!





– collects Street Fighter II #0-6, including all backup stories & covers, and comedy strips.

– collects the main story from Street Fighter II Turbo #1-12, plus the Turbo prelude story from Street Fighter Remix #0

– featuring the art of Alvin Lee and  Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz!

– guest stories by Skottie Young, Arnold Tsang, Chris Stevens, and more!





Ibuki TPB Out Now

From writer Jim Zubkavich and artist Omar Dogan comes the collection of the 4 ish mini-series focused on the character Ibuki (and others) from the Street Fighter franchise. It’d be a great Christmas present to comic newbies, or those who want something accessible, light hearted and simply fun. I read all 4 issues when they came out and apart from looking gorgeous it zips along at a great pace. Zubkavich is the writer of the hit Image series Skullkickers, and while it took me 2 issues to warm up to that great series, fans of that book will love Ibuki too.

All Ibuki wants is a normal Japanese high school experience, but her secret ninja life follows her everywhere she goes! With deadly ninja assassins, a crazy karate girl named Makoto, and the mysterious hermit Oro all on her case, she’ll be lucky if she even makes it to lunch hour in one piece! Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki is one part ninja action, one part high school antics, and 100% non-stop excitement! Collects Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki #1-4, plus other related bonus stories.

On a related Street Fighter note, I just ran across this great fan made SF film featuring Ken and Ryu. Definitely worth watching.

Street Fighter Art Book

Earlier in the month Udon released SF20: The Art of Street Fighter. You can probably guess what it’s all about, but here’s what Udon say about it.

This is the most complete collection of Street Fighter artwork ever, and is loaded with roughs sketches, promo art, character designs, and detailed artist commentary. There’s the complete artwork of every Street Fighter game, plus never before collected art from Street Figther IV, Street Fighter EX, Capcom crossovers with Marvel, SNK and Tastunoko and lots more!

And now, here’s some drool inducing pics. The handsome tome can be ordered from your comic shop, or Amazon. If you feel like your SF needs are still not satisfied, may I suggest reading the entire first issue of Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li for free.

SF20 Cover





Street Fighting Aliens

After my review of IDW’s Groom Lake #1 I interviewed the creators of the amusing UFO-centric series, Chris Ryall and Ben Templesmith over at Broken Frontier. I also just reviewed Street Fighter IV #1 from Udon at Extra Sequential. It’s about what I expected. Not a lot of depth, story-wise, but it looks great (as you can see below). Fans of the just released game should definitely pick it up.

Street Fighter IV #1



Free Magazine Preview

The last 18 months have been great for me from a hobby perspective  and I began thinking that the only thing I’m reasonably good at was comic-y stuff. So I thought I’d start a magazine. It was like  a bolt from heaven, or perhaps a caffeine induced daydream. Either way it’s exciting. Extra Sequential will be  a bi-monthly mag that will be put on-line as a PDF, totally free. Our first ish is now up, though by the time we launch our official site, some tweaking will take place. Go here to view or save the PDF (57 pages, 9.9mb) or here to see it in a great on-line viewer, and please let me know what you think. A few preview pages are below just to give you a taste. Our aim is to make comic books more accessible. The hardcore insider attraction of Wizard is not our model. We’re more inspired by the art heavy mags of street culture, hip-hop mags, with an emphasis on giving a wider audience to the diversity in comics and hopefully creating new readers along the way. Hope you enjoy it. 






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