Fear Itself #4 Preview

Marvel’s yearly cross-overs have always been more epic than DC’s, and Fear Itself is a prime example of that, though DC’s current Flashpoint mini-series (the 2nd ish of which is now out) is getting grander in scope.

Below is a text-free preview of July’s instalment of Fear Itself, and if you’ve read last week’s 3rd issue, you’ll see the first bold steps of Steve Rogers reclaiming the Captain America mantle (just in time for his film in July), due to Bucky’s cybernetic arm being ripped off, possibly leading to his death. Oh, and The Thing looks set to join Hulk in being possessed by an evil Norse god. Yep, epic.

Your First Look At FEAR ITSELF #4!

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Fear Itself #4 (of 7) from the chart-topping team of Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen! The unthinkable has happened—Sin has dealt a crushing blow to Bucky Barnes, aka Captain America, unleashing her full fury on the Marvel Universe! With his country in flames, Steve Rogers enters the trenches, forcing the biggest decision of his entire life. And as the Marvel Universe hangs in the balance, Thor must finally confront the Serpent himself. Can the God of Thunder overcome the God of Fear, or will the Serpent prove that he is the one, true All-Father? The stakes have never been higher as the comic blockbuster event of the summer continues this July, only in Fear Itself #4 (of 7)!

FEAR ITSELF #4 (of 7) (MAY110572)






Variant Cover by STUART IMMONEN

Variant Cover by TERRY DODSON

Rated T+…$3.99

FOC—6/13/11, On Sale 7/20/11



  1. Hey Kris. Wow, at the moment this is about the only thing I can comment on here. 🙂 I have to say that so far reading Fear Itself as a stand alone is not too bad. I was actually disappointed when Steve Rogers came back to the Marvel Universe and was not the one true Captain America, and well honestly we’ve lost Bucky Barnes once…I’m sure they can somehow bring him back again…but what an reason for Steve to don the costume that he should rightfully always be wearing once again. But the real story here is the Odinson and his father. Finally some real meat in that storyline, although I have been gone to long so I’m not exactly sure when Odin came back but here is some real drama. Love the panels showing Mjölnir (sorry, had to copy and paste that one) and the Thunder God falling to Earth. Just priceless. can’t wait to get that issue.

    Nice to be back and commenting again. You wouldn’t believe the big smile on my face at the moment. Long live Comic Book Jesus…almost make me want to bring back “Comics Eye”…almost.

    • Hey Lew
      Yeah, Ed Brubaker made Bucky Barnes a great character instead of yet another forgettable resurrected hero. It’s obvious that Marvel want Steve back as Captain America again, so they can make the most of the exposure with the film though. I’m not a huge Thor follower either, but there looks to be some great drama/action between Thor and his Dad. Glad you like the blog mate. Long live Comics Eye too!

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