The Avengers Promo Poster

The Joss Whedon directed The Avengers film opens next year. All we know is the cast and actors, but now we have a better idea of what the team members will look like, thanks to a promotional poster at the Licensing Expo 2011. Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow we’ve already seen on the big screen and their costumes don’t look much changed. Cap’s duds look modernised as is to be expected, and Hawkeye looks much cooler than he did in his bland Thor cameo. Hulk looks like every other time we’ve seen him. These may very well not be their final looks however.

Official Info on Those 52 New DC Series

And jaded fanboys and girls everywhere poured over the new September solicitations from DC Comics with great interest, but greater cynicism. We’ve known all the creative teams and titles for a few days now, but this is the first time all the official information has been revealed for the 52 superhero relaunches. Check them all out right here with cover images and some minor details about the new directions. If you want to find out just why, “Aquaman has renounced the throne of Atlantis,” “Driven by inner demons, Ollie Queen travels the world and brings outlaws to justice…by breaking every law,”or  why the Demon Etrigan leads a band of warriors, “in the Dark Ages of the DC Universe,” then you’ll have to buy a few of these new #1s come September.

Apart from the obvious superhero choices, seeing Martian Manhunter as part of the Stormwatch team, the return of Resurrection Man (he gets a different power each time he returns to life) and John Constantine hanging out with Deadman and Zatanna in Justice League Dark, there are some unexpected turns in this massive, headline getting plan. Let’s really hope it works.