Upcoming Gestalt Original Graphic Novels

Perth publisher Gestalt is pumping out quality OGNs big time now. There are 4 books coming in August, including The Deep, and you can find my interview with its writer Tom Taylor here and below is all the official info about their other intriguing projects.

An Old West where Myth, Monsters and Magic are all real.

Christian Read and Michael Maier ride off into a blood-red sunset with their new supernatural western, The Eltritch Kid:Whisky and Hate, solicited in the June edition of Diamond Comics’ Previews catalogue.

Ten Shoes Dancing is a shaman of the Lakota people. He also happens to be an Oxford scholar. There’s not much work for literature experts in the Old West, so Ten Shoes finds himself working as a hired gun, an escort for a group of pilgrims and settlers heading West.

Out there he finds a man he scarcely believed to be real, the dime novel hero, the Eldritch Kid. With an impossible reputation as a hero and champion, the Eldritch Kid was known for seeking out the dark forces that plagued those newly United States. But is the Kid all he seems? With bad times coming for the wagon train, the price Ten Shoes will pay for the Kid’s help might be too damn high.

“The book came out of my enduring interest in the history of America and specifically, that expansion after the Civil War. But really, I just wanted to tell a story about cowboys. I kept dreaming, actually, of an uncanny man, whose eyes were hidden behind smoked glass with two evil Colt Peacemakers and I knew it wasn’t a straight historical”, says writer Christian Read.

“Michael Maier’s work is so richly textured you can taste it in your mouth. An eerie colour palette and such strange personalities. He’s turned out to be the perfect partner for this project and we’re both looking forward to this morbid cowboy romance.”

The Eldritch Kid: Whisky & Hate is a 112 page Original Graphic Novel, scheduled for publication 11th August 2011.

Details at a Glance
shelfdate: 11th August 2011
retail price: $11.95
diamond order code: JUN11 1132
website: www.eldritchkid.com

Dive into the Adventures of a Multicultural Family of Underwater Explorers!

The Deep: Here Be Dragons is a new Graphic Novel from the 2011 Aurealis-Award-winning Gestalt Publishing. The Deep tells the tales of the Nekton family – A multicultural family of daring Aquanauts who live on a submarine.

Written by award-winning writer Tom Taylor (Star Wars: Adventures, Star Wars: Invasion, The Authority, The Example) and illustrated by the incredible James Brouwer, The Deep: Here be Dragons is an original Graphic Novel in which we meet the Nekton family, a family who have been exploring the seas for generations. Here Be Dragons sees the Nekton family aboard their state-of-the-art submarine, The Arronax, following strange reports of monster sightings all the way to Greenland. What they discover in those dark depths may change their perceptions of the ocean forever…

A Diverse Family
Not every family of heroes looks like The Incredibles. With this in mind, The Nekton family members aren’t from anywhere. At no point in The Deep will the Nekton family’s ethnicities or countries of origin come up. Simply put, the sea is huge and covers the globe, and so do the Nekton family.

An All-Ages Adventure

Most graphic novels aren’t geared towards, or attractive to, young people. Similarly, some comics under the ‘all-ages’ heading aren’t for all ages. Comics written for young people often hold little appeal for older ones.

With The Deep, Tom Taylor and James Brouwer, both fathers themselves, have created a story of absolute escapism. A story full of humor, full of action and full of adventure. A story you can share with young people which will hopefully spark their love of comics. An action adventure story not bogged down by tortured pasts, shortcomings and ‘real’ life.

Film studios like Pixar have taught us that so-called kids movies can appeal to everyone – can excite and enthrall everyone – and it’s this ethos that has been brought to The Deep.

Tom Taylor is a multi-award-winning playwright, whose comedy, drama and musical works have been produced across four continents. To date his most well-known comics work has been for Star Wars: Blood Ties, The Authority, Star Wars: Invasion (which was nominated for a 2009 Diamond Gem award), and his adaptation of his play, The Example, for Gestalt Publishing. He is also qualified in Child Care and an ex-professional juggler and fire-eater. Tom currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

The Deep is distributed by Diamond Distribution in the USA with an RRP of $9.95

Details at a Glance
shelfdate: 4th August 2011
retail price: $9.95
diamond order code: JUN11 1131
website: www.exploringthedeep.com

                                                             A Werewolf Story in Reverse

Torn is a disturbing action-horror story written by talented newcomer Andrew Constant, and featuring the illustration talents of Nicola Scott and Joh James.

Life is a constant struggle for the leader of the pack. A struggle that has made him strong. Strong enough to provide for his family. Strong enough to protect them. However, providing for them means he’s not always there to protect them from monsters. Monsters like man…

Torn tells of a wolf infected with the most aggressive virus the world has ever seen -humanity – and chronicles his attempts to reclaim the life he once knew and escape the cycle of tragedy.

Andrew Constant makes an impressive debut with Torn, a story that will make you believe horror comics still have teeth.

Nicola Scott is the superstar Australian artist whose work includes Wonder Woman, Secret Six and Birds of Prey for DC Comics.

Joh James’ chaotic style is bursting with energy and unspent rage, perfect for the horror genre. His work includes I.C.E. From 12GaugeComics and Daddy’s Little Girl, a short story published by Marvel.

Torn, a 120 page original graphic novel, is distributed by Diamond Comics in the USA with an RRP of $12.95.

Details at a Glance
shelfdate: 18th August 2011
retail price: $12.95
diamond order code: JUN11 1133
website: www.wolftorn.com


Anne Opotowsky & Aya Moron unravel Kowloon in this sumptuous trilogy.

Imperialist controlled Hong Kong, the British ruling classes, the ambitious dynasty influenced Chinese, all create an amazing labyrinth for His Dream of the Skyland, Book One in The Walled City trilogy.

The gorgeous watercolor illustrations create an utterly distinct experience. His Dream of the Skyland immerses the reader in a world that is opulent, dark and absorbing…

304 pages, F/C. 
$31.95 USD

Diamond Order Code:
JUN11 1130

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