The Deep

No, not this one, but the upcoming OGN from Gestalt, and writer Tom Taylor (Rombies, Star Wars) and artist James Brouwer. The pair have recently started uploading great looking preview pages on the project’s Facebook page and you can read an interview with Taylor about his past, present and future projects at The Sci-Fi Block.



Robin Parrish’s Blog

Novelist Robin Parrish (The Dominion Trilogy, Offworld, Nightmare) has started updating his blog regularly again, which is good news. From posts for writers, including a TED video talk from J.J. Abrams, to an offer to reviewers and bloggers to get their hands on his upcoming novel Vigilante, and more, it’s good reading. Check out his blog right here¬†and the Apple Gazette for Mac fans, which he has just taken over for as lead blogger.