Every January DC Comic Reviewed

Not by me, but I wish I could. CBR’s Greg Burgas has achieved such a feat though, and has reviewed all of last month’s DC’s mainstream superhero books. As Darth Vader would say, “Impressive. Most impressive.”

Check them all out here along with some great random panel selections with snappy captions. Funny stuff.

Archaia, AdHouse and More

The bloggers at Robot 6 are celebrating their second year at Comic Book Resources, and just like last year are taking over CBR’s front page. There’s some great features on there now including a revealing interview with the people behind Archaia’s best selling books of 2010, Mouse Guard and Return of the Dapper Men.

Similarly there’s a chat with Chris Spitzer from indie publisher AdHouse.

There’s an interview with Dan Abnett who’s co-writing Marvel’s new Heroes For Hire series.

There’s more goodies at CBR too, so check it out.

Unrelated to Robot 6’s anniversary is Greg Burgas’ always entertaining look at the Previews catalogue, this time for March’s goodies. I haven’t picked up my Previews yet, but will do when I return to work this week. It’s always a pleasure flipping through the pages.

Great Comics Journo Interview

I can’t really say that I consider myself a journalist of any description, but I have been doing this whole comic book journo/internetery thing for 3 years now and have done over 120 interviews. Only in the wonderful medium of comics could I, and the multitude of fellow fan/reviewers/interviewers/bloggers out there in the geekosphere, have such an opportunity. So it was of great interest that I found this insightful interview with long-time and proper journalist Vaneta Rogers over at CBR. Here are my favourite quotes from the piece:

Rogers: I’m still amazed the term “comics journalism” even exists. I mean, can you believe how much news we get about comics? Outside sports, which has a much, much, MUCH larger audience, I can think of no other hobby that has so much constant news for its fandom. And such a demanding audience! Reviews, interviews, columns, opinions, blogs, instant convention news … and a lot of it is really high-quality stuff.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m glad we are so demanding. It’s why I have a job. And I am constantly trying to do better, because I’m demanding of myself. But if you step back and think about it, the fact that a few hundred-thousand fans of comics get this much attention is astounding. As an audience, we obviously have a lot of power and know how to wield it.

…There needs to be more genres represented. I think everyone knows that. I’m an avid book reader, and I like tons of different types of stories. But in comic books, my genre choices are limited. Yes, there are spy comics. But there could be more. More thrillers. More detective stories. More romance. More comedy. More sci-fi.

The perfect illustration of the genre problem is that hundreds of thousands of bookstore visitors recently bought theTwilight graphic novel, but not one comic book publisher could market another paranormal romance comic in a display right next to it. Yet that’s one of the fastest-growing genres in publishing today.

As for what we need “less of”? Repetition. This is a creative industry, right? Everyone working in comics should strive for originality, whether it’s in publishing schedules, sales goals, event planning, story approach, or distribution. I know people react negatively to change, but we have to reject the fear and try it anyway. Try. Something. New. Please. Not. What. You. Did. Before.

Yep. Great stuff.

Live In L.A As A Comics Journo

One of the top comics related websites is offering a rare employment opportunity. If you’re tech savvy, live in/near Los Angeles and can edit well, this could be your big chance. This is what you’ll need:

Applicant must be highly motivated, have flexible hours, be available for occasional weekend convention coverage and other work, and possess the following requirements:

  • Strong grasp of language with respect to interviews and news articles.
  • Basic understanding of HTML (Dreamweaver skills are a plus, advanced HTML skills are a plus+).
  • Beginner/Intermediate level experience working with Adobe Photoshop (advanced level experience is a plus+).
  • A current and reliable computer.
  • Broad knowledge of published comics, genre film and television, video games, etc.
  • Great interpersonal skills.

All the details can be seen here. Be quick. Fanboys everywhere will be jumping on this!

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