Arcana #1 Preview

Arcana #1, the new full colour quarterly mag that’s a print extension of the Extra Sequential on-line mag I co-created, goes on sale at comic book shops on January 27. Here’s a preview of our 96 page first issue! You can also see it here.

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The West Geeks Out

My local newspaper, The West Australian is usually pretty good with comic book coverage, and here in the sunny side of Oz (actually it’s pretty much all sunny) we’ve had a good run of successful comic creators, with Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse) and Shane McCarthy (All Hail Megatron) being the obvious stars. Last week The West ran 2 comic stories in 2 days, by 2 different journos. Cool. One was on writer McCarthy and the other article was in the business section and centred on local store, Quality Comics. You can read that article here. Gone are the days of BIFF! and POW! being stamped on anything comic related, though they do call McCarthy a “cartoon comic writer.” Man…I don’t understand why people get those two terms mixed up. Cartoons are animated and on TV screens or the cinema. Comics are static and are printed on paper. Lesson over. Hopefully when the Arcana mag launches next month they’ll give us a nod though!

Arcana Mag Press Release

The press release for the mag was sent off yesterday. Now, it’s really official! Here it is.


Arcana Launches Comics & Pop Culture Magazine

VANCOUVER (November 5, 2009) – Arcana Studios, an award winning comic book publisher and transmedia producer, is proud to announce the launch of Arcana Magazine. Debuting on January 27th 2010, and solicited in the current November Previews (Diamond Code: NOV09 0599) is the new quarterly magazine simply entitled Arcana, the re-designed print version of the on-line comics based magazine Extra Sequential.

Extra Sequential was the brainchild of Kris Bather and Dave Lapsley in Perth, Western Austrailia – two men who were looking for creative opportunities outside of their day jobs at a large architectural design firm. From January to June of this year 3 issues of Extra Sequential were published, containing interviews with an array of creative professionals, such as Joe Jusko, Zeb Wells, Tom DeFalco, and Brian Cronin. Topics covered included Street Fighter, Flash Gordon, the new Hulk and so much more, with an eye on both mainstream and rising indie stars.

After reaching over 16,000 subscribers on and becoming a Featured Magazine on, Extra Sequential was picked up by Arcana Comics for the transition to print, with Bather and Lapsley continuing their unique comics focus in the new print format.

Bather is the former Comics Department Head of now defunct website Infuze and current contributor to popular website Broken Frontier. Lapsley is new to the world of comics but brings a keen sense of design and shares Bather’s desire to let the world know how cool comics truly are.

“The thing that has always seemed odd to me is that comics continually reveal diverse art from some of the world’s greatest artists, but few people outside of the local comic book shop will ever know that,” says Bather. “Sure, a multitude of people are more familiar with Spider-Man and Batman thanks to Hollywood, but that seems to rarely translate to an increase in regular readership of comics. We hope Arcana can be somewhat of a bridge for those readers as well as show something new to longtime lovers of sequential art.”

Inspired more by the surf and skate magazines than the usual pop culture assortment on the shelves, Arcana aims to let the art speak for itself while also making sure every page is an artistic display. With bold layouts incorporating unique design and photography Arcana aims to be more than a throwaway item, but an attractive glimpse into the cutting edge of comic books and the people behind them.

Bather states, “We chose the landscape format straight out of the gate because we want people to know that we’re different upon first glance. We realise it’s perhaps a risky choice, but that’s exactly what comics are too. We want to conjure curiousity in comics newbies, but there’s enough content in Arcana for the veteran reader too.”

The first issue of Arcana features interviews with Star Wars: Invasion writer Tom Taylor, artist Josh Medors, Singaporean writer Edmund Shern, Surrogates creator Robert Venditti, and ground breaking artist David Mack. Also included are previews from upcoming comics and features such as a look back at The Death of Superman event, a talk with pro cyclist/comics fan Dave Zabriskie, a brief chat with the legendary Marv Wolfman, and an article on the current love affair between musicians and comics, including an interview with Coheed & Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez. There’s also a look at just how to market comics today, a breakdown of popular comic book terms and more.

Arcana #1, a 96 page full color magazine goes on sale January 27th, 2010.

About Arcana Studios:

Arcana Comics has published over 150 original comics and books and is a division of Arcana, an award winning transmedia company founded by CEO Sean O’Reilly. Arcana establishes new brands and intellectual properties with engaging storytelling and compelling visuals through comic books, graphic novels, animation, short-form live-action, video games, toys and now, feature length films. Arcana has created original brands they control such as The Clockwork Girl and Kade, and have further developed existing brands for Disney, Sony, Capcom, HBO and more. In addition, several of Arcana’ s other properties are in development or pre-production such as GEARHEAD with Valhalla Motion Pictures and a mixed martial arts movie through Grindstone Entertainment.

For interview requests about Arcana Magazine, please e-mail Kris Bather at

Arcana Magazine Peek

At the start of the year my mate Dave Lapsley and I created a free, comics based on-line mag called Extra Sequential. We pumped out three pretty good issues, (if I do say so myself) and then got noticed by Arcana Comics, the biggest comics publisher in Canada. Since the third and final ish of ES landed in June we’ve been hard at work on the first issue of Arcana. It’s exciting to be this close to the finished product. It’ll be a full colour 96 page quarterly for $3.50US. Below is a look at the (non-final) cover. The mag makes it debut in Wednesday’s new Previews catalogue, for January releasing products. Check the Arcana Comics section on page 184 and we’ll be there.

ARCANA #1 Draft Cover

Our goal with Arcana is to be a bridge of sorts for those new to comics (like Dave), but also those who are long-time readers (like me). We have an interview with Tom Taylor, the Aussie writer of Star Wars: Invasion, the creator of The Surrogates Robert Venditti, legendary writer Marv Wolfman, artist Josh Medors, BOOM!’s marketing guy Chip Mosher, awesome artist David Mack and oh, so much more. When you see it in Previews, please order it, so I can quit my cubicle existence and introduce myself to all the parties I don’t go to as a professional writer. Oh, to dream!

Arcana Magazine

So, at the start of this year, a friend of mine and I created a free on-line magazine, called Extra Sequential. We produced three issues that we’re quite proud of. You can see them here or here. They got a pretty good response, and we were picked up by a Canadian publisher. For the last 4 months we’ve been working on the first issue of that project – Arcana Magazine, which lands in January. It’s a lot of work, but all very exciting. I’ve just created a simple blog for Arcana, which you can find here. Keep your eyes peeled for the next issue of the Previews catalogue that gets shipped to comic shops worldwide and you should spot us, but of course, I’ll shout it from the rooftops once I catch a glimpse. Stay tuned.


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