Watch This Space

Millar/Romita JrThe footage from a certain Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. film from Marvel has been in the works for a while now. Infact more work has been done on the film than the comic that inspired it. Footage was shown at Comic-Con and has now been leaked on-line. It’s graphic, with profanity and blood aplenty. Go here to see a few clips plus the trailer. The sound and picture quality aren’t the best to be sure, but you’ll get the picture. This film was made without a distributor attached, but now they’re lining up for it after seeing the response at Comic-Con. It looks like it could be the next Sin City -a real in your face film that crosses over to non-fanboys. The costumes are slightly different, but the over the top violence and black humour is certainly the same, and the use of the excellent Superman: The Movie theme music is strangely fitting. And if you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned the film yet, well, it’s called Kick-A**. There I said it. Almost. The film opens sometime next year and is directed by Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake).

Atomic Robo Comes To Life

Red 5’s flagship hero, Atomic Robo is now a live action character. Not as a film, but the humorous hero would make  a great silver screen adventurer. Rather, Red 5 have apparently been working on their new “booth babe” for months. Pictures below and more here. Hope I see him at next year’s Comic-Con.

Atomic Robo 1

Atomic Robo 2

Atomic Robo 3

Atomic Robo Volume 1

Jason Becker Interview

Now up at Broken Frontier is my interview with writer Jason Becker, from Archaia’s supernatural horror/thriller series Killing Pickman. It’s a pretty candid interview about the realities of being a writer, and trying to make it as a career. You can check out the full interview right here. It’s worth a read.

Killing Pickman #2

Pickman 1

Pickman 2

Pickman 2