XIII In English In 2010

You know what a good game on the original XBOX was? XIII. That, and Black were my two of my fave games on the old chunky console. XIII was based on the popular French comics, and now it’s being published in English through Cinebook, who specialise in bringing European comics to the West. The last time XIII was adapted for English readers was in 2006-07 with Dabel Brothers and Marvel, but was never finished. That’s about to change. Press release below.

Cinebook to publish cult graphic novel series “XIII” in English from May 2010

XIII French ComicOver the last 25 years, the dark, engrossing graphic-novel series “XIII” has attracted a cult following in French-speaking countries and beyond, with readers eagerly awaiting every one of the 19th instalments published so far.

Launched in 1984 by two Belgian authors, Jean Van Hamme and William Vance, “XIII” has been turned into a video game by Ubisoft as well as a TV miniseries starring Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer, which premiered on France’s Canal+ in October 2008 and on NBC in the US in February 2009. Such is the popularity of the graphic novel that a gallery of its characters drawn by Vance was used to illustrate special-edition “XIII” scratch card tickets in France since 2000.

The central character in “XIII” is an amnesiac on the run, caught in the crossfire as he tries to understand his true identity while attempting to make sense of various conspiracies swirling around him. With many twists and turns, it’s a compulsive read for teenagers and adults alike and has already been translated into several languages.

XIII FilmInitially serialized in Spirou magazine in 1984, “XIII” was created by Jean Van Hamme, the author behind “Thorgal” and “Largo Winch”–the latter in comic and book form as well as on the big screen,” and William Vance, illustrator of the bestsellers “Howard Flynn,” “Bruce Hawker ,” “Bruno Brazil”, “Bob Morane and Marshall Blueberry.”

From May 2010, Cinebook will publish “XIII” in English at the rate of one new volume every two months. Only three episodes of the cult Franco-Belgian bande dessinée originally saw the light of day in English in the late Eighties, so this will enable fans new and old to discover and rediscover the mystery series.

The Canterbury-based publisher has acquired the English-language publishing rights in an exclusive agreement with Mediatoon.

“I’m delighted that Cinebook has committed to publishing “XIII” alongside “Thorgal,” “Largo Winch” and “Lady S,” as well as “Blake & Mortimer.” “XIII” is another one of the many prestigious series Jean Van Hamme has been associated with over the years,” says Mediatoon director of Foreign Rights Sophie Castille.

“I’m proud to add this legendary series to our catalogue, especially as readers have been clamouring for it for several years,” notes Cinebook founder Olivier Cadic.

“XIII” joins internationally-famous series such as “IR$,” “The Scorpion,” “Insiders” and “Aldebaran,” already published by Cinebook in addition to other Van Hamme series, further strengthening its portfolio of English-language titles particularly popular with teenagers and adults.

Star Wars On iPhone

Sure, you can turn your iPhone into a lightsabre and impress your friends, but now you can go one better and read a slew of Star Wars comics on it too.  Check out a preview of Legacy Volume 1, right here.



Star Wars Legacy Vol. 1In a partnership that will echo through the cosmos, Lucasfilm, THQ Wireless, and Dark Horse Comics will release Star Wars™ comics to the iPhone mobile platform for the first time ever!

The selection of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Vol. 1 – Shipyards of Doom, Star Wars: Empire Vol. 1 – Betrayal and Star Wars: Legacy Vol. 1 – Broken represents three of the most important time periods in the history of the Star Wars galaxy. The three collections will span the time between the Clone Wars era, the Classic era and the distant future.

Star Wars: Empire Vol. 1 – Betrayal is set just weeks before the events of the original film, Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, and follows a faction of disgruntled Imperial Officers attempting to overthrow Emperor Palpatine. But the plot is complicated by the emergence of the bounty hunter Boba Fett and by the loyalty of Darth Vader to his dark master. Betrayal will be released in four chapters, written by Scott Allie and drawn by Brian Horton.

Star Wars: Legacy Vol. 1 – Broken takes place more than a century after the events of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi and focuses on a fifth-generation Skywalker named Cade, a rogue Jedi and bounty hunter who travels the galaxy living by his own code. Broken will be released in two parts, written by John Ostrander and drawn by Jan Duursema.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Vol. 1 – Shipyard of Doom is based on the wildly popular animated series from Lucasfilm Animation and highlights events from the epic time period when Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Padawan Ahsoka Tano struggled to maintain order and peace in a war-torn galaxy. Shipyards of Doom will be release in its entirety, written by Henry Gilroy, and drawn by the Fillbach Brothers.

Working together with Lucasfilm and THQ Wireless, Dark Horse Senior Editor Randy Stradley and Senior Web Designer Mike Denning carefully reformatted each panel and page to maximize the visual grandeur while staying true to the original comic books. All parties involved ensured that the material would transition to the new medium in the best format possible, delicately considering every word balloon and background image.

Dark Horse President Mike Richardson is delighted with the new program, stating, “Lucasfilm has been a proud and longstanding partner of ours, and I’m equally excited to be working with the wonderful people at THQ Wireless on this program. The stories of The Clone Wars, Legacy, and Empire embody some of the best comics in the Star Wars universe that Dark Horse has ever released. I think it’s wonderful that these key tales will be available to fans everywhere in a new and accessible way.”

Adam Comiskey, Vice President THQ Wireless commented, “Bringing a selection of some of the finest comic books to the iPhone mobile platform is an exciting chapter in our relationship with Lucasfilm. Our partnership with Dark Horse means that for the first time, Star Wars Fans will be able to use their iPhone to view a fantastic line up of comics.”