Next DC Cartoon: JLA

According to the Blu-Ray back cover of September’s animated Superman/Batman: Public Enemies film, DC’s next animated adventure is called Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. That’s all we know at this stage, apart from it being released sometime next year. I guess it’s a focus on the JLA and the introduction of the Multiverse in animated form.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies DVD

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Blu-Ray Back Cover

Batgirl #1 Preview

Courtesy of DC’s blog, The Source comes this look at the new Batgirl series, which lands on August 19. Interior art and cover is by Lee Garbett, with a variant cover by Cully Hamner. The series is written by Bryan Q. Miller, who’s written episodes of Smallville before moving on to a few Teen Titans issues. I was always a fan of the Cassandra Cain Batgirl – the mute daughter of an assassin is a concept to cool to ignore. The identity of this new Batgirl, or possibly new, is unknown yet and DC is playing coy, as they did with all the other Bat-characters post Battle of the Cowl. I hope Cassandra is back, but she’s been absent in the pages of DC comics for a while now, so maybe it’s Stephanie Brown AKA Spoiler AKA Tim Drake’s ex-girlfriend. It’s perhaps likely, as Cassandra never really smiled. Plus that cover doesn’t look like an Asian girl. Maybe, DC will pull a swifty and put one of the Birds of Prey under the mask, such as Misfit or Lady Blackhawk.

Batgirl #1 Cover

Batgirl #1 Variant Cover

Batgirl #1 1

Batgirl #1 2

Batgirl #1 3

Batgirl #1 4