Marvel On Sale August 19

You gotta admit Marvel have some very perty covers. They seem to have really lifted their game this year, perhaps it’s because it’s their 70th. Below a selection of some of this week’s gorgeous covers, is a link to the complete list of Marvel goodies going on sale this week.

Daredevil #500

Mighty Avengers #28

Punisher #8

Wolverine Weapon X #4

XMen Legacy #227

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Jon Rea Interview

To complete my interviews with the creators of Archaia’s thriller Killing Pickman, Broken Frontier now has my chat with artist Jon Rea. He’s a Professor, he runs a design firm and he has a style you don’t see too much of in comics these days. Go here to read my interview with him.

Killing Pickman #3Killing Pickman #4