Dead or Alive #1 Preview

From Red 5 Comics this week is the debut of a new 4 part mini-series, written by Scott Chitwood, with art by Alfonso Ruiz. The Comic Book Page podcast conducted an interview with Chitwood about Dead or Alive, and other stuff, on a recent episode.

Here’s the official description of the issue:

Story: “The Good, The Bad, and the Zombie”

When two down-on-their-luck cowboys capture the most wanted outlaw in the West, they get more than they bargained for when they discover a Comanche shaman has infected him with an ancient zombie virus. If the zombie doesn’t kill them, the Comanche, rival bounty hunters, and other outlaws will!

Atomic Robo and Billy Tucci

Red 5’s Atomic Robo: The Ghost of Station X #2 is out now and as usual is an all-ages fun fest. Check out my review right here.

Also at Broken Frontier is an exclusive preview of Billy Tucci’s (Shi, Sgt Rock: The Lost Batallion) much anticipated Christmas one-shot, A Child is Born. It’s released on November 23.

Atomic Robo For Everyone

Red 5’s flagship character Atomic Robo is currently in it’s sixth volume, the second issue of which is due out this month. On the official Robo blog, writer Brian Clevinger shares an encouraging letter from a mother about her son. Here it is:

My 6 year old son, Bobby Jr., just got done readingAtomic Robo: Ghost of Station X (part 1). Tomorrow he is taking it to school to read it to his first grade class.

He is the most advanced reader the school has ever had (he is reading at a 5th grade level now). I started reading comics to him since he was 3, and now we both can’t get enough. Every year he goes as a comic book superhero for Halloween. And everyday he builds robots with LEGO.

It is because of the hard work of his teachers and I, and his extreme love of comic books that he has excelled. It is because of writers and artists like yourselves that we both want to read. The wanting makes all the difference.

Thank you Red 5 for making reading fun for my son. I am really grateful that we saw your booth at the Dallas Comic-Con earlier this year. Now we make sure to pick up any Red 5 issues we can find. Thank you again.

-A very proud mom.

Great stuff. Check out Brian’s response, and pics of Bobby reading the issue to class at the blog here, and grab any issue of Atomic Robo for some good, funny, all-ages entertainment.


Atomic Robo: The Ghost of Station X #1 Review

At Broken Frontier is my review of the sixth volume’s debut of Red 5’s flagship hero, Atomic Robo.

Read my full review here.


David Ziebart Interview

Now at Broken Frontier is my interview with writer David Ziebart about his new Red 5 series, Foster Broussard: Demons of the Gold Rush, an entertaining supernatural/ action mini-series set in the Californian gold rush.

You can read the interview here.

Atomic Robo Volume 5 #1 Review

I remember when Red 5 debuted, as I was writing for the unique website/magazine Infuze at the time. Sadly that site is no longer around, but Red 5, and their flagship character Atomic Robo thankfully still are.

The regular partnership of writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener once more provide readers with another instalment of zany fun that anyone can ease into. The beauty of Robo’s format of multiple mini-series (this is the fifth volume) means that there’s no prior knowledge required. Every mini-series and individual issue is self-contained. If you feel like comical comics, then just pick up any ish of Robo you see and satisfaction will be guaranteed.

This debut issue of a new series, titled Deadly Art of Science opens in Chicago, and later New York, in 1930, when Atomic Robo (creation of famed scientist Nikola Tesla) is new to the world and the adventures that can be had within it. Before we see Robo, who’s getting bored with Tesla’s experiments, we are introduced to Jack Tarot, Gunfighter and his daughter Nightingale, who is kind of a low-tech Oracle, offering assistance and guidance to Tarot in the midst of a car chase against some gangsters.

Tarot is a man’s man; a no-nonsense hero with a red mask/handkerchief (a maskerchief perhaps?) and a sense of style and the kind of derring-do that gets things done, and usually results in dead bad guys, much to his daughter’s frustration.

It’s great to see Robo as a curious wannabe adventurer, as all previous mini-series have largely shown an established and confident Robo. He’s still confident (and witty) here too, but is also slightly overawed by all the gunplay going on around him. He sees the daring life of Tarot (stuck on a bad guy’s windshield as he zooms past a street sweeping Robo) and wants in. After some relentless curiosity, Robo follows Tarot, who sees the metal man as nothing more than an annoyance. Teaming the slightly madcap Robo with a seasoned hero is a masterstroke filled with buddy cop potential. It’s like Indiana Jones teaming up with Spider-Man. Sort of.

Clevinger’s fast paced script and Wegener’s tight and expressive pencils define the word, “romp,” and it’s no surprise that both men have been noticed by the big boys. Clevinger is now writing Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet, a rather humorous take on the classic cosmic storyline from Marvel. Clevinger has also done some recent work for the publisher on titles such as Punisher War Journal. The pair really do work well together, with this great mix of action and comedy. Of course, both of those things are reliant on timing and expression and here, like in every other Atomic Robo series, these two guys know what they’re doing when it comes to that, which means every page is just a joy to devour.

This first issue of a 5 issue mini-series is available now.

The Lost Room Season 2 Comic

This is one of those announcements at San Diego Comic Con that I should’ve mentioned, but alas, faced with a barrage of good news, some things slipped through my net. Well, the writers of The Lost Room (a widely praised TV mini-series) will now have a follow-up in the form of a comic mini-series. Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom’s We Kill Monsters was one of the surprise hits for me in the last few months (and is now available in TPB!) and The Lost Room is one of those shows I must get around to watching as it’s been recommended to me a few times and now might just be the time before Season 2 hits. Official press release below.

WE KILL MONSTERS writers Laura Harkcom & Christopher Leone announced at the Comic Con edition of “The Totally Rad Show” that “The Lost Room: Season II” will be published by Red 5 Comics next year!

The book is a sequel to their original television mini-series “The Lost Room,” which they co-created, co-wrote and co-executive produced for The SyFy Channel and Lionsgate Television. “The Lost Room” starred Peter Krause, Julianna Margulies and Kevin Pollak. The 6-hour series garnered much critical acclaim, with The New York Times calling it “…a jackpot for a mystery series,” and Entertainment Weekly citing it as “…one of the most creative ideas to hit TV in a while.” The show was nominated for two Emmys and a Writers Guild Award.

Since its debut in 2006, “The Lost Room” has continued to increase in awareness and build an ever-growing fan base.  In September of 2009, featured an article about the show’s rising profile, raving, “Forget the latest from J.J. Abrams… ‘The Lost Room’ is a cult hit waiting to happen.”  Ain’t It Cool News said this weekend, “The Lost Room miniseries was, I thought, up there with ‘Battlestar Galactica’ as one of the best Sci-Fi Channel originals ever produced.”
The comic book picks up one year after the events of the miniseries. The story of the Key continues as it falls into the hands of a new protagonist: a hardened criminal who was finally framed for the one crime he didn’t commit.  The new Motel Man escapes prison looking for revenge, only to find himself in a new cell: Room 10.

“The Lost Room: Season II” is a 4-issue limited series that will publish monthly.  A search is currently underway for artists.