Spoiler And Elseworlds

Batgirl #1Looks like I was right, as was everyone else on the comics-related internet. Spoilers ahead (pun intended). Stephanie Brown, AKA the purple costume wearing ex-girlfriend of former Robin Tim Drake is the new Batgirl. From a presumed dead Spoiler to Cassandra Cain’s replacement. Of course, Stephanie was also briefly Robin before she “died.”

This now completes the changing of the guard of the Batman satellite characters post-Bruce Wayne’s death. There’s a new Batman, Robin, Azrael and now Batgirl. This week’s Batgirl #1 by writer Bryan Q. Miller and artist Lee Garbett is a satisfying intro into Stephanie’s new role. There’s a brief flashback as the former Batgirl, Cassandra Cain hands over her duds to Steph, but hopefully further clues as to why will be revealed in future issues. A cameo from the new Batman and Robin partnership is great, and original Batgirl (the wheelchair bound Oracle) Barbara Gordon and her Dad, Jim move the story along nicely. This was a better issue than I expected. Garbett’s art isn’t the best in the Bat titles, but thankfully Miller doesn’t string us along without showing his cards.

Superman/Batman #63 is by writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson, with Rafael Albuquerque on art duties. This now out of continuity series is one of DC’s best at the moment. This stand alone issue is like a mini-Elseworlds tale of old, in which Gorilla Grodd has gained telepathic control over everyone on earth. He’s also poisoned the atmosphere with Kryptonite, making Superman and  a few others flee. As is to be expected, Batman stays behind to fight the good fight by himself. The art is equally dynamic and grungy, Joker’s and Luthor’s appearances are superb, and the great expressions throughout are like a more manly version of Kevin Maguire’s stylings.

Superman/Batman #63