Impaler #3 Review

impaler3At Broken Frontier is my review for this week’s Impaler #3 from the fine folks at Image. What’s it all about you ask? Basically, Vlad the Impaler comes to our century to help the overwhelmed military kill as many vampires as possible. This has been a great series so far, and certainly not one for the kids. Blood and profanity flow freely, and it looks superbly gothic thanks to artist Matt Timson. This is the kind of comic you read while listening to Metallica, if you’re into that sort of thing. Here’s a peek at my review.

Vlad’s stoic resolve seem to project an aura of confidence, but never arrogance. Harms writes him as the only man to rely upon to escape the bloody mess and his old school, low-tech existence doesn’t jar at all with the gung-ho military boys. His inclusion is more than a gimmick, but as he’s connected so deeply to the menace attacking his new home, he’s essentially the subtle driving force behind this series. Vlad appears very little, considering it’s his name on the cover, yet when he does appear it’s always at just the right moment.

Read the rest here and see a few pages of the art here.

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  1. Very nice thanks a sharing.. perfect..

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