Damon Lindelof Talks Comics

With comics. As part of the unique Comics on Comics this Wednesday at Meltdown Comics. Press release below.

Comics on Comics Live w/ Damon Lindelof & Jeff Katz this Wednesday May 6 @ Meltdown Comics in Hollywood!

Host Juan-Manuel Rocha welcomes a special double-bill of Jeff Katz (co-writer of Booster Gold, producer of X-men Origins: Wolverine) and the co-creator of LostDamon Lindelof along with comedians Doug Benson (Last Comic StandingVH1’s Best Week Ever), Chris Hardwick (Attack of the ShowWired Magazine), Jonah Ray (X-PlayThe Rotten Tomatoes Show) and Matt Weinhold (G4’s Code Monkeys) for a mind blowing night of comics and comedy!
The taping begins at 8pm and admission is FREE! Be sure to show up early to grab a good seat!
You can RSVP for this event on facebook.
Or you can find us online at ComicsOnComics.com
Meltdown Comics is located at 7522 Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, CA.

The Return of Archaia

archaia-logo-colourThe publisher once known as ASP or Archaia Studios Press are back! After being away for far too long, their new titles hit with full force in June. With it also comes a new logo and a new name – Archaia. They’ve got some diverse titles lined up, ready to be experienced once more such as The Engineer, Robotika and Some New Kind of Slaughter. Press release below.

Continuing its tradition of excellence and a commitment to high-quality creator-controlled comics, Archaia announced it will resume a full publishing schedule beginning in June. 

“Our number one priority is to show our commitment to publishing by completing the great stories we have already begun to tell,” said Publisher Mark Smylie. In June, Archaia will release hardcovers of The Awakening and Some New Kind of Slaughter and has committed to put out at least two hardcover collected editions per month, thereafter, for the rest of the year. Making good on this promise, July will see the hardcover releases of The Engineer (which will be offered at an unprecedented $9.99 price point) and the second volume of the Eisner Award-winning Mouse Guard. Collections of the critically acclaimed Primordia and Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 2 are set to debut in August.
“We’re also moving forward with series that are ongoing, such as The KillerOkkoThe Secret History and Artesia: Besieged,” added Smylie. These titles will pick up with individual issues and eventually be collected into hardcover editions. 
robotika_rubles_12“In addition, books like Robotika, Killing Pickman and Titanium Rain, which had just started toward the middle and end of last year, will be relaunched in double-sized formats, with 48 to 64 pages of art for only a $4.99 cover price,” exclaimed Smylie. 
“And as the year goes on, we’ll be slotting in new titles we’ve recently signed, like God Machine, Days Missing and others we’ve yet to announce,” the publisher teased.  
“This is what we’ve been working toward: Making sure that every month for the rest of the year, our publishing schedule is solid,” declared Archaia President P.J. Bickett. “Additionally, when we commit to a date, we’re going to meet that date. Readers can be assured of two things: First, our books will be on time and second, the same quality they’ve come to expect from Archaia will be matched and delivered in every single instance.”                      the_killer_10