Marvel This Week

As always, there’s a bunch of new comics coming out from the House of Ideas on Wednesday (in America at least). Here’s a look at but some of them. The ones with the prettiest covers of course. For the full list of releases, see the link below.





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Flinch Now

flinch-coverThe new 120 page anthology from Perth publisher Gestalt has arrived. It’s described as “a collection of engaging stories by established and emerging creators, all playing on their interpretation of ‘flinch.'” The impressive creators involved include the likes of Shaun Tan, Justin Randall, Skye Ogden and Mel Tregonning. The trailer for Flinch is  below and  you can see a preview of some of the stories here. Flinch, and Gestalt in general, have been getting some pretty impressive mainstream news coverage as of late, and have some interesting books on the way. It’s great to see such talent coming from my humble home town.

Last week I picked up a couple of self published mini comics that impressed me. A Bird With Crossed Wires by C.S. Markle was completed at the 24 Hour Comics Day in 2007 and features a crazed, car smashing bird who is offered friendship by one of his victims. It’s actually quite delightfully simple and mature with a touch of black comedy. Dead By 30 by Andrei S. Buters is a different affair. Artistically, its more complex and plays with rock, death, magic and friendship to great effect. Both black and white comics are well made and give me hope for the future of my little town. It’s already given the world Ben Templesmith, Ashley Wood and Shane McCarthy and I’m thankful that the two main comic shops in Perth (Quality Comics and Comic Zone) have shelves devoted to the work of local writers and artists.