New Buffy Film

Buffy_The_Vampire_Slayer_MovieRemember 1992’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer film? It had Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry in it. It had its moments, sure, but when creator Joss Whedon unleashed his brilliant vision on the TV screens 5 years later, it was an entirely new beast – a healthy dose of dark chocolate compared to the light, fluffy souffle that the movie was. Now the holders of the original film rights want to make a new Buffy film, without the inclusion of Whedon or any of the supporting characters he created during the much loved TV series. Perhaps the film makers are inspired by the Hollywood remake craze, but needless to say, Buffy fans are not happy. If only it was April Fool’s Day. Here’s a peek at the article from The Hollywood Reporter.

While Whedon is the person most associated with “Buffy,” Kuzui and her Kuzui Enterprises have held onto the rights since the beginning, when she discovered the “Buffy” script from then-unknown Whedon. She developed the script while her husband put together the financing to make the 1992 movie, which was released by Fox. 

Kuzui later teamed with Gail Berman, then president of Sandollar Television, bringing back Whedon to make the TV series, which was produced by Fox TV and launched on the WB in 1997. Kuzui and Sandollar received executive producer credits on “Buffy” and its spinoff, “Angel.” 

The new “Buffy” film, however, would have no connection to the TV series, nor would it use popular supporting characters like Angel, Willow, Xander or Spike. Vertigo and Kuzui are looking to restart the story line without trampling on the beloved existing universe created by Whedon, putting the parties in a similar situation faced by Paramount, J.J. Abrams and his crew when relaunching “Star Trek.”

The Surrogates Trailer

Top Shelf’s excellent mini-series, Surrogates is now a film. The five issue mini-series was released in 2004 and 05, by first-time writer Robert Venditii (who used to work in Top Shelf’s mailroom) and artist Brett Weldele. The prequel from the same creators, titled Flesh and Bone is released in July, while the film follows in late September. You can get a feel for the movie by watching the new trailer below. It looks quite classy and perhaps more slick and action driven than its inspiration, and also appears to wear its I, Robot visuals on its sleeve, but that’s not a bad thing. You can see a preview of the comic, which is being released in new editions in July, here.