New DC Busts

Now these look awesome. If I had more money and a funky display cabinet, I’d be gathering up every statue and bust I could get. DC’s characters have always looked good, thanks to the fine folks at DC Direct. Now they have a new line in the works – DC Dynamics. The statues are designed to showcase each character interacting with the environment. So far, 5 have been unveiled. All are 11″ high and don’t go on sale until January next year. Gaze lovingly at the pics until then. Wonder Woman is the first to go on sale, but she and Aquaman look like they’re in their classic costumes for some reason. Batman looks simply awesome though.




Pandorum’s Moon

Here’s a couple of new trailers I’ve stumbled across recently. Moon stars Sam Rockwell and is co-written and directed by cinematic newbie Duncan Jones. When I saw the first few seconds of the trailer I thought it was a quirky comedy. It’s not. Rockwell plays Sam Bell in this unique sci-fi tale. Bell is an employee of a mining company called Lunar, who send him to the moon to save our energy crisis. Kevin Spacey provides the voice of Bell’s on-board computer, Gerty. Apparently Bell’s not alone on the moon however. It opens in June and the trailer seems to indicate a restrained intelligence, like Solaris or Sunshine.

Next up is another sci-fi film, but this one seems more mainstream and replaces Moon’s thriller aspects with some horror. It stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster and opens in September. It makes me think of Dead Space, because I’m playing it at the moment, but Event Horizon could fit too. It centres on two crewmen who wake up on a spacecraft with no idea why, or what they’re doing there. That’s the beauty of sci-fi; something for everyone.