Sherlock Holmes Trailer

Sure, this will ruffle some feathers, but Sherlock Holmes was never really a polite, stuffy old gent. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels show the British detective’s drug use, fighting skills and social awkwardness. Robert Downey Jr. is an interesting choice for the man in the deerstalker cap, and Guy Ricthie looks to be making a more traditional Hollywood film, hopefully to show he’s not a one-trick pony. Let’s be honest, his last film, RocknRolla was not exactly dissimilar to his previous films. If you want more Holmes, Dynamite’s new comic series is out now too, while the film opens on Christmas Day.

Del Toro Book Signing

I had no idea the director of such excellent films as Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth was also an author. Well, now he’s signing his debut book at Meltdown Comics in LA. The book has a very funky website and is the first in a vampire trilogy that the director of the upcoming The Hobbit  is co-authoring.

REALLY? And it’s a Meltdown Event Exclusive Edition to boot! Deluxe Hardcover, Limited to only 500 units with signed, tipped-in plate
: $26.99 



What else do I need to know? Line up starts Monday, June 1st. the line will be allowed into the store at 11:59PM. Books go on sale 2 minutes later Tuesday, June 2nd 12:01AM.

NOTE: If attending the event, walk-in preorders will be held for you to get signed and dedicated. Please do bring a printout of your confirmation. If you would like the book shipped, it will go out the afternoon of June, 2nd 

Preorder Book hereMeltdown Comics 
Official Book site 

About Meltdown Comics
Meltdown Comics is the largest comic book shop on the West Coast, located in the heart of Hollywood on Sunset Blvd. Meltdown opened in 1993 and has since become one the most respected comic book store in the world. With a sophisticated approach to merchandise and operations – and a reputation for hosting successful events in their Melt Gallery – Meltdown is a must-see pop culture destination.

Terminator Salvation Machinima Series

If you’ve seen the amusing Halo series, Red vs Blue, which uses in-game Halo footage to create a new story, with new sound effects, voice-overs and whatnot, then you’ll be familiar with the concept of machinima. Now it has been applied to the Terminator Salvation universe. Press release below.


Created by The Halcyon Company and Warner Premiere

The First Long Form Dramatic Machinima Series Produced By A Major Studio

Creators Use “Terminator Salvation” Videogame to Create Filmed Entertainment

An Original Series Starring Moon Bloodgood as “Blair Williams”

Produced and Overall Creative Direction Provided by The Halcyon Company and the Film’s Director McG

First Episode Now Available on iTunes and other Digital Distributors

Halcyon Games, a division of The Halcyon Company along with Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution today announced the first full length Machinima series titled “Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series.” Produced in association with McG, director of “Terminator Salvation,” and Machinima Inc., this six part series utilizes real time computer animation generated from the “Terminator Salvation” video game and is set against an original story written by Andy Shapiro and directed by Tor Helmstein. Fans follow “Blair Williams” (voiced by Moon Bloodgood) on an action-packed journey that reveals the genesis of Blair William’s involvement with John Connor’s resistance unit two and a half years before the movie begins.

 Terminator Salvation Machinima

“Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series” is now available on iTunes, Amazon Video on Demand, Xbox Live and the Sony PlayStation Network. The cost per episode is $2.99 for HD and $1.99 for SD (where available). Fans can also sign up for a season pass and automatically receive future episodes every week for $14.99 in HD or $9.99 in SD (where available).

“From a film maker’s point of view, Machinima provides an incredibly dynamic way to explore live worlds and tell compelling new stories,” said McG. “The process allows the writer and director to think cinematically, while at the same time executing certain things that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive or even impossible on a set.”

Machinima, a word derived from the combination of machine and cinema, describes computer-generated animation created in real-time by leveraging video game engines and environments. Revolutionizing the digital content creation process, is pioneering a cost effective way to produce high quality video content for multi-platform distribution. “Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series” was entirely produced by leveraging Machinima techniques utilizing assets from “Terminator Salvation: the Videogame.”

“Working with The Halcyon Company’s motion picture development team and having produced a high-octane, story driven action shooter videogame using Grin AB’s cutting edge ‘Diesel’ engine, we had an incredible basis to further explore stories set in the Terminator universe,” said Cos Lazouras, president of Halcyon Games, creator of the “Terminator Salvation” videogame. “Re-purposing our game to produce the very first dramatic series in this medium is a fantastic innovation and will become the norm for game makers in the future.”

“Machinima is the next generation of storytelling,” said Diane Nelson, president of Warner Premiere. “After meeting with McG and Halcyon’s creative teams we could easily see the power and potential of this type of content. The combination of McG and the Game maker’s creative talent and the inherent essence of the man vs. machine concept made for a natural feature-length story.”

About “Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series”

The year is 2016. It has been thirteen years since Judgment Day, when the machines rose under the order of a self-aware artificial intelligence called Skynet. The human race is on the brink as Terminators hunt and destroy all remaining life.

The Resistance is the last hope for survival. Commanded by the remnants of a decimated military system, resistance fighters battle the machines of Skynet day and night without quitting. Blair Williams is one of these fighters. Blair is in her early 30’s and is old enough to remember a normal life but vital enough to learn how to fight. She is highly skilled and superbly courageous – traits that often get her some of the hardest missions.

We meet Blair at the beginning of one of these missions. She has been sent into the heart of downtown Los Angeles, a known hot zone, to seek out and destroy something called “The Ghost” – a code name designated to a machine designed to interfere with Command’s communications. The resistance knows that Skynet is ever evolving and this must be just another tactic to bring down the leadership. Without the ability to talk to each other, the Resistance would simply fracture and collapse. It was already starting to happen.

Zombie Tales 2061 Collected

ZTALES009-ABOOM! Studios anthology, Zombie Tales, proved that there’s still some life left in the ever popular zombie stories hovering around pop culture like flies on a resurrected corpse. Writer Kim Krizan’s three short stories about a zombie infested future earth were often the highlight. They were both darkly funny and frightening at the same time. Now they’ve been collected into one volume, for release in July. Press release below.


The living dead walk among us! Zombies have taken over the planet! Humans only exist as novelty attractions… or worse. But today is the day of revolution and soon the tide will turn on undead supremacy! Enter the world of ZOMBIE TALES 2061. From Academy Award-nomintated writer Kim Krizan (BEFORE SUNRISE, BEFORE SUNSET) comes an epic saga ripped from the pages of the critically acclaimed ZOMBIE TALES anthology and collected in one volume for the first time! 

Best known for writing the generation definining romance movies BEFORE SUNRISE and BEFORE SUNSET, Krizan jumped into the horror genre with both feet, delivering a unique new vision of the zombie apocalypse for Zombie Tales: The Series #1. Originally planned as just an 8 pager and slotted between stories from more seasoned horror vets Steve Niles and Joe R. Lansdale, critics and fans spotlighted Krizan’s freshman horror venture and clamored for a sequel. Krizan immediately expanded her Zombie universe into a triptych, finally collected in one easy reading volume with ZOMBIE TALES 2061. 

“When horror tastemaker RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE begs for a sequel, you know you have a hit on your hands,” said Publisher Ross Richie. “I really don’t think people have seen as an original take on Zombies since Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. That is how blown away I was by this book.” 

“It was great fun for me to write ‘2061’ and it’s an honor to have it collected,” said ZOMBIE TALES writer Kim Krizan. “Though it seemed on the surface to be a light, fun project, it really gets to the heart of what I believe about our species. For me, zombie dominance is now!” 

Outside garnering an Academy Award nomination for BEFORE SUNSET, Krizan also acted in the cult films SLACKER, DAZED AND CONFUSED and WAKING LIFE. Her turn as high school teacher Ginny Stroud in DAZED AND CONFUSED led her to speak the immortal lines “…this summer when you’re being inundated with all this American bicentennial Fourth Of July brouhaha, don’t forget what you’re celebrating, and that’s the fact that a bunch of slave-owning, aristocratic, white males didn’t want to pay their taxes.” 

When asked about the rumor of a Zombified follow-up to the BEFORE SUNRISE franchise, Krizan had no comment. 

ZOMBIE TALES 2061 features 24 pages of interior art by newcomer Jon Reed and a cover by Patrick McEvoy. SRP: $3.99, Diamond Order Code: MAY090726.