Dead Romeo #2 Review

DR2 CvrAs promised, I have given this series another shot. I’m glad I did. This issue is slightly better than last month’s debut. Unfortunately one of the areas DC falls down compared to Marvel, is their lack of an introduction page. So, if you haven’t read Dead Romeo #1, this won’t mean much of anything to you. However, here’s the skinny: Romeo is a vampire recently revived from far too long in hell. He’s now trying to avoid going back there,which means avoiding satisfying his bloodlust. The white haired hero meets a sassy virgin, Whisper and falls head over heels for her far too quickly, though he does wonder why at least. Romeo’s old gang also return from the grave and they’re a motley crew of nasties. They want Whisper too. Now Romeo must make a choice -kill her and save himself, or save her and kill himself. Last issue we were introduced to the man characters, while this issue is effectively a 22 page run and fight feature, bringing him closer to a fateful decision.

There’s more blood, some predictable gangsta speak and not much characterisation. There’s 4 more issues to go, so Romeo and Whisper have to fall in love and defeat the baddies while somehow living to live a happy life. Of course, writer Jesse Blaze Snider may just manage to avoid those cliches and pull out a few surprises. Let’s hope so. Thus far, it’s a mix of Blade, Twilight and The Crow with it’s vampire in love battling fellow vamps while trying to avoid damnation flair going on. Those influences aren’t obvious ones however,and Snider, along with artist Ryan Benjamin, has put considerable time into making each character distinct. I only hope it pays off in the long run.

For a preview of this ish, go here.                                                                                                       DR2 prvw