The Flash In DCU Online

Press release below about Wally West in the upcoming Sony MMORPG, DC Universe Online. The games set for release…sometime. Players can create their own characters to team up with DC’s expanding gallery of spandex wearers and live vicariously in the DC Universe.  On a related note, Warner Bros. appear to be buying Midway Games, the holders of the Mortal Kombat franchise. I think that’s a good thing. Maybe.

Wally West 1

Wally West 2


The Fastest Man Alive, Wally West easily runs at light speed vibrates through objects, create explosions through friction – and, when at agonizing top capacity, can manipulate time and bridge dimensions.

The Flash is a time-honored member of the Justice League. The latest in a long line of Flashes, each with their own unique way of tapping into the primal “Speed Force,” Wally is determined to live up to the noble legacies of speedsters such as Barry Allen, Max Mercury, and Jay Garrick.

Flash’s enemies call themselves the Rogues Gallery. This deadly collection of brutal foes includes Captain Cold, Heatwave, Mirror Master, and the lethal speedster Zoom – villainous threats not just to Keystone City, but the world.

Wally West 3

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