Female Bucky Returns?

Another teaser image was released from Marvel yesterday. These images seem to be working, as fanboy tongues get wagging each time. To celebrate the release of Captain America #600 on June 17, this image lays hints as to what’s next. The issue is written by Ed Brubaker, Mark Waid, Roger Stern and Stan Lee. That’s some of the best writers Cap has had over the decades. The art will be supplied by a bunch of people too including Butch Guice, Luke Ross and Howard Chaykin. I knew the character in the promo looked familiar, before I picked it – the female Bucky from the controversial late 1990s Heroes Reborn saga. Perhaps the issue will be an anthology issue with looks at Captain America from different eras, like the current Hulk: Broken Worlds series. Either way, it appears that something big is stirring in Cap’s world, as also evidenced by the 5 issue series entitled Reborn (from Brubaker and Bryan Hitch) that hits in July. That’s all we know for now, as Marvel have only released the white word, “Reborn” on a black background as a teaser for that series. Maybe Steve Rogers will be reborn, or perhaps it an allusion to Heroes Reborn, with the female Bucky teaming up with James Barnes, the original Bucky and current Cap. Who knows?


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