Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow

As if it wasn’t obvious from the podcast post below, it’s the 1oth annual Free Comic Book Day tomorrow – a perfect time to bring a friend or comics newbies to your LCS (local comic shop) to see what freebies are on offer. Bleeding Cool has a handy post on some of the LCSs around the world that are taking part this year, including signings from various creators.

This week, Quality Comics in my hometown of Perth, Western Australia was featured  in a local community newspaper about the event, and Comic Zone, and Empire Toys in Perth will also be taking part, and they all happen to be on Hay Street. How convenient! Make sure to drop by.

Extra Sequential Podcast #39-Free Comic Book Day

67 mins. In honour of the awesome annual tradition of Free Comic Book Day around the world, we discuss some of our faves – what you should definitely pick up and what you should avoid. Also, our usual rambling shenanigans.


0: 32 NEWS

Green Lantern Animated Light Up Display is a fire hazard

More details about the Star Wars Blu-Ray

The new Conan trailer

Cobra: The Space Pirate film


Low budget, but great film Monsters by Gareth Edwards

Red starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, etc

The Punisher from 1989 starring Dolph Lundgren and a Ms. Pac Man mention

The Mighty Thor #1

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 video game

Alastair Graham’s Full Moon Soup picture book

Koren Shadmi’s The Abaddon webcomic


FCBD is on Saturday May 8. Yay! We read a whole bunch of the many free comics on offer this year and give a rundown of what we like and don’t like this year.


Bongo Comics’ Bongo Free-For-All, featuring a few The Simpsons stories, including cool ones by Evan Dorkin and Sergio Aragones

Dark Horse’s Avatar: The Last Airbender/ Star Wars: The Clone Wars flip book

Ape Entertainment’s Richie Rich/ Kung-Fu Panda flip book. This ain’t your daddy’s Richie Rich!

Drawn and Quarterly’s classic reprint collection, John Stanley’s Summer Fun

12 Gauge’s I.C.E/ Loose Ends crime tales


Bluewater’s The Misadventures of Adam West (the actor who played Batman in the ‘60s TV series)


2000AD. The classic U.K magazine style format with a bunch of sci-fi stories inside, including a great Judge Dredd tale

Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man is good for fans who may have been away from the web slinger for a while and want to know what he’s up to these days

DC Comics’ Green Lantern Special Edition. Same as above, except for Green Lantern AKA Hal Jordan


Fantagraphics’ Walt Disney Mickey Mouse. A dog walking a dog. Yes, that’s right. Floyd Gotfredson’s rascally Mickey.

Archaia’s Mouse Guard/ Dark Crystal flip book, with mature fantasy stories and also Season of the Dapper Men and A Tale of Sand by the legendary Jim Henson

Marvel’s Captain America/ Thor: The Mighty Fighting Avengers! A fun, time travelling adventure featuring the two cinematic superheroes in ye olde Camelot

Super Dinosaur Origin Special from Image. Another fun adventure for kids and adults with a kid, his heroic T-Rex, a secret base and evil mutant dinosaurs

Jake the Dreaming from Radical. An illustrated novel, not a comic. Like most Radical books, it looks superb. For fans of Narnia and Harry Potter

Red 5 bring us the always amusing Atomic Robo at the National Science Fair. Also previews of ’50s heroine Moon Girl, and Foster Broussard: Demons of the Gold Rush

Elric: The Balance Lost #1 from BOOM! Studios. Michael Moorcock’s pale swordsman returns to comic. I liked it much more than Mladen though


Free Comic Book Day 2011 Previews

FCBD has been going for a few years now and is the best yearly event for comics newbies to discover the joys of sequential art. All the info you need to know is here, but the most important thing is that it’s this Saturday, May 7. Mladen and I will be discussing our faves of some of the free comic offerings available this year in this week’s Extra Sequential podcast. Below are previews of some of the comics we’ll talk about and you can see 10 more previews here, including goodies from Marvel, DC, Image and Archaia.

Here’s previews for BOOM! Studios’ Elric and Darkwing Duck/ Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers Flip book.

For 40 years, the exploits of Elric have thrilled comic book fandom, beginning with his introduction to the world of comics in Marvel’s Conan The Barbarian #15 in 1972. Now, Michael Moorcock, the godfather of the Multiverse concept, brings one of the most critically acclaimed and recognizable figures in the history of fantasy fiction back to sequential art! This Free Comic Book Day edition heralds the new ongoing Elric series featuring a crisis across multiple worlds that will involve Moorcock’s other famous fantasy franchise characters: Corum of the Scarlet Robe and Dorian Hawkmoon. Meet the Pale Prince in an epic that could only be called The Balance Lost! And make sure you don’t miss the new ongoing series this summer! Written by white-hot New York Times bestselling author Chris Roberson (Superman, iZombie, Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love)!

An all ages flip book from BOOM! On one side, experience Darkwing Duck! Reprinting the blockbuster sold-out first issue of the Darkwing Duck ongoing series. But don’t forget to flip this comic over, or you’ll miss Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, reprinting the first issue of the critically acclaimed bestseller from BOOM! Two hit series, both all ages, one flip book of pure fun! Don’t miss the return of the Disney Afternoon Revolution that grabbed the attention of Disney fans everywhere!

You can read even more previews here including books from Red 5, Dark Horse and 12 Gauge.

Read True Grit Comic for Free

A prequel comic to the new True Grit film from the Coen Brothers starring Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon can be read for free at comiXology right now. It’s black and white and not a bad way to promote the film. There’s no credits in the Paramount commissioned comic itself but according to Bleeding Cool, it’s written by Dan Light and Ben Read with art by Christian Wildgoose. It’s also available in 7 languages.

Time Bomb #1 Free

The fine folks at Wowio are giving away the first issue of Radical Publishing’s Time Bomb from Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Paul Gulacy. It’s WWII, time travelling action, it looks great and you can download it for free from their Facebook page.


Read Zuda First Issues For Free

Yes, Zuda may be closing down, at least for the moment, though the unpublished issues will see life under DC’s main umbrella at some point. If you want to see a few first issues from DC’s digital initiative however, go here. You can check out 10 premieres on Comixology including the Australian series Deadly, Dean Haspiel’s Street Code and more.

Read The Sixth Gun #1 For Free

From what I’ve seen, this is looking to be a great series. I didn’t get a copy of the full debut issue from Oni Press’ Free Comic Book Day offering, but they’ve kindly put it on-line for free anyway. Thanks Oni! Here you go.

Superman, Batman And Batgirl Motion Comics

The Watchmen Motion Comic is awesome, and now more are on the way. Full skinny below.


First Episode of Superman: Red Son Available for Free via iTunes for Limited Time – Click here now.

Complete Motion Comics Series for “Batgirl: Year One” and “Batman: Black and White” Collection 2 Debuts

RED_S0N_IMAGE1Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution today announced three new additions to the best-selling Warner Premiere Motion Comics slate. Classic graphic novels Superman: Red Son and Batgirl: Year One, as well as graphic album Batman: Black and White Collection 2 entered the digital age as Warner Premiere Motion Comics on the iTunes Store. Also announced today comrades everywhere, for a limited time, can download the first glorious episode of Superman: Red Son for free and see how Stalin’s most powerful weapon swayed the balance of power during the Cold War.

Continuing to lead the motion comics experience, Warner Premiere’s Motion Comics connect comic fans to authentic DC characters through short-form content. The Motion Comics slate draws on a deep reservoir of source material to bring a visually engaging experience to life through the use of subtle movements, voice-overs, sweeping music scores and stunning comic book artwork.


“Last year we debuted our Motion Comics slate and saw the voracious appetite graphic novel fans had for this digital content,” said Diane Nelson, president, Warner Premiere. “One of the reasons for our success is Warner Premiere working closely with DC Comics to determine if a story naturally lends itself to becoming a motion comic. Another key is the process we use to select the studios that ultimately create these motion comics. They are very passionate comic book fans so creating these motion comics really are a labor of love. We’re very proud of our success and look forward to bringing more titles to comic fans in the future.”

Superman: Red Son

RED_SON_IMAGE2Warner Premiere Motion Comics is proud to bring “Superman: Red Son” to its Motion Comics slate. Based on the Eisner Award-winning graphic novel written by Mark Millar and drawn by Dave Johnson and Kilian Plunkett “Superman: Red Son” takes viewers back in time to the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union where Superman is fighting for the Communists. In this alternate universe, Superman lands in Russia rather than the United States andSoviet Union’s greatest weapon as the world is transformed into a communist state opposed only by a crumbling capitalistic AmericaLex Luthor. Now as Superman stands on the brink of ultimate power, three heroes, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, each make a valiant stand to destroy the reign of the Man of Steel. The Superman: Red Son Motion Comic was animated by New Zealand-based Karactaz.

For a limited time, the first episode of Superman: Red Son is now available on iTunes for free. To download, visit here or here. Future episodes will debut once a week and fans are encouraged to sign up for a Season Pass to automatically receive future episodes.

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Top Cow’s July Freebies

Top Cow’s latest freebie initiative launches across 25 comic shops in the U.S and Canada. Details below, and perhaps your comic shop (see the link below).


Publisher unveils 25 participating retailers for month of July

CFHK #1Top Cow Productions, Inc. revealed today the names of the participating retailers in their “Let Us Win YOU Over” initiative for July and the next free issue in the program – Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #1.
The “Let Us Win YOU Over” initiative is a yearlong campaign by Top Cow Productions to give out free copies of its regular comics to potential fans in the U.S. and Canada through participating comic book stores. Each month, a different set of stores, each month a different free comic. The stores vary by geography and demographics. Top Cow has partnered with ComicsPRO to bring this promotion to fans and a portion of July’s retailers are members of ComicsPRO. Top Cow reminds retailers that any direct market retailer with a Diamond account is eligible to participate and should contact their Diamond Customer Service representative for information on signing up.
Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #1 marks the return of two of Top Cow’s most popular teams to the forefront of the Top Cow Universe and the first time the two teams have met. When the Hunter-Killer team zeroes in on Cyberforce as rogue Ultra-Sapiens, a brutal melee erupts. But who is manipulating the two teams into conflict and to what end?  Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #1 is written by Hunter-Killer co-creator Mark Waid (Irredeemable, Amazing Spider-Man) and drawn by artist Kenneth Rocafort (Astonishing Tales, Madame Mirage). Series artist Rocafort provides two connected covers each featuring one team and the hot art team of Mike Choi & Sonia Oback (Uncanny X-Men, X-Force) provide covers for Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #1. The issue will be in comic shops on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 and retails for $2.99.
“It’s no hyperbole on my part when I say that this is Top Cow’s biggest event series for 2009. We’ve been building towards this for well over a year and so it was a natural step to include the launch issue in the “Let Us Win YOU Over” program,” said Filip Sablik, Top Cow’s Publisher.


“ ’Let us win YOU over’ should be renamed ‘THANK YOU Top Cow’. Two hundred FREE copies to give to customers is the type of promotion I hope to see more of from all comic publishers,” added Ryan Liebowitz of Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles, CA, “It’s a win-win scenario for everyone and a total no-brainer!”

A list of the participating retailers during the month of July (listed alphabetically by state) is included below. Additional information can be found at the official online home of the “Let Us Win YOU Over” initiative – Customers who currently purchase Berserker at the stores below will be able to purchase an extremely limited “All Beef” Edition (limited to just the stores listed below) at the regular cover price. Fans are encouraged to contact the retailer they wish to visit for specific details:

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Marvel Goodies

Here’s two free comics for you, from Marvel. Press release below, plus a few nifty covers of issues going on sale tomorrow. If you want to see Marvel’s full list, click the link at the bottom.

AgentsOfAtlas_01Marvel is proud to announce the debut of Agents of Atlas #0 today, available free to all fans courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Collecting three new-reader friendly short stories from Secret Invasion: Who Do You TrustDark Reign: New Nation and Agents of Atlas #7, all written by critically-acclaimed scribe Jeff Parker, you’ll get the answers to your questions! Who are the Agents of Atlas? What role did they play in Secret Invasion? What’s their new mission during Dark Reign? And just what’s it like to take a peek inside the mind of the enigmatic Mr. Lao? Find out here.

Plus, we’ve made Agents of Atlas #1 live on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited—and it’s free to check out! Find out why Kevin T Brown of raves, “I’m going to be recommending this book to everyone I know. It looks like Marvel has struck gold once again” You can check it out here.

If you haven’t checked out one the years most acclaimed new series, now’s your chance—don’t miss Agents of Atlas #0 and Agents of Atlas #1 for free courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited at




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Freebies From Studio 407

I’ve only glanced at new publisher Studio 407’s titles, but they look pretty cool. More thriller and horror than typical superhero fare, which makes sense, but this news should make readers sit up and take notice. Basically, if you sign up for their mailing list next week, they’ll send you two free comics (if you live in the States). Press release below.


Night and Fog #1Studio 407 Comics announced today that every person who signs up for their mailing list from June 22, 2009 through June 26, 2009 will receive two printed issues of their comics within the domestic USA.  Night and Fog #1 and Hybrid #1 will be the issues mailed to consumer.  Fans can sign up for the Studio 407 mailing list at here.  Please make sure and include your name and you physical mailing address to receive your free issues! 


 “We thought Night and Fog and Hybrid were a great way to get folks introduced to our line”, explained Managing Director Alex Leung.  “Both books have gotten tremendous review response and if you are a horror or sci fi fan you simply have to read these books.”  Night and Fog # 1 was originally released in March last year, while Hybrid #1 was released in May 09. The trade paperback of Hybrid is already available in comic book stores and Amazon and the Night and Fog trade will release be released this fall.


To see more of the products from Studio 407 you can visit  Retailers should email to get the release information mailing list.  If you want to visit a Studio 407 comics booth make sure and visit them at Comic Con in San Diego.


About Studio 407: Studio 407 brings together the imagination and creative talents of writers and artists from North America and Asia to generate a flow of distinct and kinetic East-meets-West entertainment. A writer driven studio that blends innovation with tradition, Studio 407 is dedicated to publishing the highest quality in comics and manga across a wide variety of genres. From capes to kung fu, giant robots to vampires, and secret agents to mad scientists; at Studio 407, we sweat the details.


FCBD Today

Now in it’s eighth year, Free Comic Book Day is a world wide event that is pretty much explained in its title. There’s 48 different selected titles to choose from this year. The big boys such as DC, Marvel, Image and Dark Horse have their offerings, but so do the smaller publishers such as Top Shelf, Fantagraphics and Drawn and Quarterly. There really is something for everyone. To see the complete list and if a store near you is participating, go here. While you’re there you might like to pick up the $1 After Watchmen comics from DC too. With first issues of mature series such as Planetary and Transmetropolitan, it’s a good day to be a comic book newbie. These $1 specials are wittily advertised as featuring the first issue of the Trades and have ads for other similar DC series inside its pages. Head down to your LCS, bring a friend and maybe even make some new ones while you’re there!


FCBD Signings Galore

FCBD – that’s Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 2. Basically you can grab selected freebies from participating comic shops around the globe. For more info, go here. There’s a lot happening, especially in America (they have all the fun) including signings at various comic shops with Captain Kirk (or at least that Shatner guy that played him), and a treasure trove of comics creators. It’s a great way to introduce friends or family members to the wonders of sequential art. A gaggle of press releases below.

fcbd_cymk_dateEvent: William Shatner signing at Golden Apple Comics  
What: Retail
Host: Bluewater Productions
Start Time: Saturday, May 2 at 1:00pm
End Time: Saturday, May 2 at 3:00pm
Where: Golden Apple Comics

Hero Initiative is proud to announce a unique fundraising partnership with Southern California comic stores on Saturday, May 2nd for Free Comic Book Day, and Los Angeles’ “Big Sunday” on May 3.   Three comic stores in Southern California will donate proceeds directly to Hero Initiative from signings and drawings by featured creators.  In addition, the local comic stores will host community events and distribute free comic books as part of the national celebration.  Local celebrations on Saturday, May 2nd include:

Collector’s Paradise, 7131 Winnetka Ave, Winnetka California

A signing will be held between 12pm and 3:00pm attended by:

  •          Mark Waid (Amazing Spider-Man)
  •          Marc Guggenheim (Amazing Spider-Man)
  •          Jim Mahfood (40-oz. Comics)
  •          Mike Kunkel (Billy Baston and the Power of Shazam!)
  •          Joe Benitez (Justice League of America)
  •          David Wohl (Witchblade)
  •          JT Krul (Fathom)

In addition, eBay auctions of original art donated to Hero will start May 2nd here.

And a professional photographer will take picture of you and your favorite artist or Comic Book Hero at Collector’s Paradise with all proceeds donated to Hero Initiative.

Finally, you can bring your Ralphs Rewards grocery store card to Collector’s Paradise to sign it up for Hero on Ralphs Community Contribution program OR sign up for a new card and get a FREE copy of Hero’s What If This Was the Fantastic Four?

Meltdown Comics, 7522 West Sunset, Los Angeles CA

Artist Tim Sale (Batman: The Long Halloween) will be in attendance on Hero’s behalf from noon-2 PM and will do sketches on the inside cover of books for $20, and Hero sketchcards for $10.

Four Color Fantasies, 7172 Archibald Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Original art auctions will benefit Hero Initiative, and there will be character appearances by Batman and Robin, Superman, and the Star Wars 501st legion. Drawing contests, face paining and free food and fun for the whole family will also be included. Some of the many featured artists to appear include:

  •          Todd Nauck (Amazing Spider-Man)
  •          Danny Miki (Amazing Spider-Man)
  •          Norm Rapmund (Infinite Crisis)
  •          Allen Martinez  (Iron Man)

And on Sunday, May 3, Los Angeles’ all-inclusive charity event known as Big Sunday will also benefit Hero Initiative with “Change for Change” at many of its most-attended sites. Volunteers for Change for Change will be asking people to donate their loose change to Hero. Check out for locations and events

top-cow-fcbd-2009-final_page_01Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced its plans today for this weekend’s Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May 2nd which takes place in comic shops across North America. Free Comic Book Day is an annual event where participating direct market stores give out free comics to anyone that walks into their store.
    Top Cow is participating again in the event with their Free Comic Book Day offering, Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer First Look. The issue serves as an introduction to the publisher’s summer event of the same name, which brings together the two popular teams Cyberforce and Hunter-Killer. The series and Free Comic Book Day offering is written by Mark Waid (Amazing Spider-Man, Irredeemable) and drawn by Kenneth Rocafort (Astonishing Tales, Madame Mirage). Both teams were co-created by Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri and Hunter-Killer was co-created by writer Mark Waid. The teams have been absent from a regular series for several years and this marks their return to the forefront of the Top Cow Universe. 
    Writer Mark Waid will be appearing at Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka, CA and artist Kenneth Rocafort will be appearing at the Puerto Rico Comic Con in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Other Top Cow creators making appearances in Los Angeles include Michael Broussard, Rob Levin, Nelson Blake II, and Rick Loverd. Additionally, Top Cow mainstays Ron Marz and Phil Hester will be appearing in various parts of the United States to celebrate the annual event. 

    Complete details follow below:

Collector’s Paradise
7131 Winnetka Ave.
Winnetka, CA 91306
(818) 999-9455
Signing 12pm-3pm
Mark Waid (Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer)
Joe Benitez (The Darkness, Magdalena)
David Wohl (Witchblade, The Darkness)

Puerto Rico Comic Con & Pop Culture Expo
100 Convention Boulevard 
San Juan, PR 00907
Kenneth Rocafort (Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer, Madame Mirage)

For more Top Cow related signings, see below.

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Top Cow Freebies

Official press release below about the 25 participating US and Canadian retailers for April’s excellent Witchblade giveaway programme. See if your LCS is on the list.

wb126_covs_page_1Top Cow Productions, Inc. revealed today the names of the participating retailers in their “Let Us Win YOU Over” initiative for April and the program would continue the second part of their “War of the Witchblades” storyline – Witchblade #126.
The “Let Us Win YOU Over” initiative is a yearlong campaign by Top Cow Productions to give out free copies of its regular comics to potential fans in the U.S. and Canada through participating comic book stores. Each month, a different set of stores, each month a different free comic. The stores vary by geography and demographics. Top Cow has partnered with ComicsPRO to bring this promotion to fans and all of February’s retailers are members of ComicsPRO.
Witchblade #126 continues the six-part “War of the Witchblades” storyline, which promises to shake the status quo of Witchblade to its foundation. Since the events of First Born, Detective Sara Pezzini and dancer Danielle Baptiste have shared the mystical gauntlet, the Witchblade; but recently cracks have appeared in their relationship. The cracks widen in issue #126 pointing an inevitable battle. Regular writer Ron Marz writes the story with art by ongoing artist Stjepan Sejic. The issue will be in comic shops on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 and normally retails for $2.99.
“It’s not a coincidence that we decided to run Let Us Win YOU Over in conjunction with one of our best stories in Witchblade to date,” said Filip Sablik, Publisher of Top Cow. “The second chapter of “War of the Witchblades” digs deeper into the roots of Sara and Dani’s conflict and serves as another great jumping on point for new readers.”

“We are very excited to be a part of this Top Cow promotion,” commented Anna Warren, owner of Illusive Comics & Games of Santa Clara, CA, “Readers love free samples as a generous way to get a taste of a series they might not have otherwise picked up.  And the promotion Top Cow has been doing is a great help to comic book stores, getting new comic book fans into stores. ”

“Top Cow has really listened to retailers and is doing what it takes to fully market Indie titles to the average comic book reader,” added Warren.

A list of the participating retailers during the month of April (listed alphabetically by state) is included below. Additional information can be found at the official online home of the “Let Us Win YOU Over” initiative – Customers who currently purchase Witchblade at the stores below will be able to purchase an extremely limited “All Beef” Edition (limited to just the stores listed below) at the regular cover price. Fans are encouraged to contact the retailer they wish to visit for specific details:

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