Read Kyle Baker’s Best Work For Free

Writer/artist Kyle Baker is a legend in the comic book biz, having brought his great cartoony style and sense of humour to titles such as Plastic Man, and The Shadow. However, his creator owned work is what he’s most known for, and now you can read most of it – for free! Baker has put several OGNs in their entirety on his site, possible to gain more deserved exposure. You can now check out Why I Hate Saturn, Special Forces, Nat Turner, and KIng David.

The only one I’ve read is King David, which is great, although thanks to the acclaim all his work has received, I’m aware of all of them. King David is described thusly:
King David: David, a poor shepherd boy, becomes an unlikely superstar when he slays a villainous giant single handed. David’s sudden fame arouses the jealousy of evil King Saul, who mobilizes his entire army in an attempt to destroy the young hero. What follows is an epic adventure which inludes swordfights, chases on horseback, romance with multiple wives, suspense, corruption and betrayal.

King David OGN

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