Second Star Wars Blu-Ray Trailer

Just released on Yahoo! is this new trailer for the complete Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray. It’s released next month and features over 40 hours of bonus features! Sold!

Two Kirby Krackle Music Videos

Nerdcore duo Kirby Krackle have just released the first video from their third album, Super Powered Love. The song is Nerd Core and has a great, “if I won the lotto, I’d buy…” approach to it.

They’ve also created the theme song for Marvel’s official Who Watches the Watcher? online news, and here’s the video for that too.

Their songs and videos just keep getting better.

Comics Master Class in November

The ASA (Australian Society of Authors) is holding a master class for those interested in creating, or knowing more about, comics. Colleen Doran (Sandman, A Distant Soil) is the guest speaker and it’ll be held in Sydney on November 19 and 20.

In response, the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) has invited world-renowned comics creator Colleen Doran to Australia to run a weekend comics masterclass in November 2011, designed to jump-start the careers of aspiring comics creators and to accelerate the careers of Australian comics professionals. It’s also an ideal opportunity for multi-platform creators, educators and book editors to learn more about the medium and to become proficient in deconstructing comics and graphic novels.

All the details are here.

Comics at Big Screen Convention

My favourite magazine, the film focused Empire is running their Big Screen expo again this year. It’s this weekend and it’s in London. Apart from film stuff, they have a bunch of comic stuff as well, with panels discussing the greatest superhero, and guests like Mike Carey, Mark Millar, Adi Granov and many more.

Go here for the full details.

Minimalised Marvel

Here’s a funky gallery interpreting a few Marvel characters as minimalist posters from artist Marko Manev. I like the way he used the Fantastic Four, and even got the Scarlet Spider his own design. The old Spider-Man clone doesn’t get much love.