MASScanvas, My Chemical Romance & Make-A-Wish

The lead singer of my Chemical Romance Gerard Way wrote the excellent The Umbrella Academy series from Dark Horse. That’s excuse enough to share this here video featuring the band and a competition they recently run in conjunction with MASScanvas. The band chose 5 shirts (and they’re all great), which are now available to buy right here. There are only 2019 made of each design and if you make a purchase before Friday, you automatically go into a draw for a VIP experience with the band or a signed guitar. The better news is that proceeds go towards helping the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

While we’re talking shirts, Slave Labor Graphics have just released a shirt featuring a long out of print design by Jhonen Vasquez. Check it out here.

Three Batman Previews

If you read the webcomic Gutters (and you should if you like fanboy humour) then you may agree with this amusing gag. That doesn’t mean DC’s current continuity can’t go out without a bang however, before next month’s relaunch. ┬áDC have been pretty open with their most recent comics, stating in the editorials that the Flashpoint mini will lead into the relaunch, and even having some characters being all metatextual and actually referring to the relaunch (though not in those words) in the closing pages of their ongoing series.

Here’s some previews of this week’s issues that farewell Batman.

More from Batman Incorporated #8 here.

More from Batman: The Dark Knight #5 here.

More from Batman: Gates of Gotham #5 here.