Extra Sequential Podcast Trailer

Seeing as we’re approaching our one year anniversary, Mladen and I thought we’d do something a little special, so here we have a trailer for our weekly Extra Sequential podcast.¬†As always for the show, the groovy music is by Mladen. It was pretty fun to make this, as I haven’t done any editing in years.

So, now you know what we look like. Some may say we have faces for radio, but I disagree.

Batman’s Arkham City Skins

I still haven’t finished the first game to do Batman justice, Arkham Asylum and probably never will, but the sequel, Arkham City looks very tempting. It’s out on October 19 and also features Two-Face, Catwoman, Penguin and a few others, and even Robin, in a costume that looks like Tim Drake’s early version. Nice. I was looking at the Coming Soon box at JB Hi-Fi and it comes with some pretty cool extras here in Australia, including Tim’s alternate Red Robin skin.

Batman himself also comes with a slew of skins. Yes, a slew. Unfortunately, different countries get different skins apparently, but I’m sure some eager gamers will find a way around that. Below you can see what’s available and from left to right we have Batman Beyond, The Dark Knight Returns (which Aussies get! Woo hoo!), Batman: Earth One (from the upcoming OGN), Classic Batman, The Animated Series and finally, the standard Arkham City costume.

JB’s collector’s edition also comes with a Batman animated film. Unfortunately it’s the anime anthology Gotham Knight from a few years ago. It would’ve been so much better if they could put in one of the more recent animated films based on the comics, like Under the Red Hood, or even Batman: Year One, seeing as that’s being released at the same time.


Tucker & Dale vs Evil

This looks great. It isn’t what you think it is.