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DC Fifty Too!

Fans have had their say over the last few weeks about DC Comcis’ superhero line wide relaunch in September. Now artists have their say – using artistic interpretations of new titles. I’d buy most of them based on the cover for sure, and the new Teen Titans costumes are much better than DC’s versions.

Go here to DC Fifty Too! and bask in the awesomeness.

DC’s Cinematic Ad

The ad to be shown in cinemas, that is. The ad itself isn’t that cinematic. It’s all part of DC’s plan to get next month’s onslaught of 52 new series in front of the face of comic book newbies. It of course makes sense. The execution however, is lacking. The music and lack of any info is what’s been most criticised, and rightly so, though individual comic shops will have the option of putting their info at the end of these ads shown at their local cinema apparently. I don’t know if these will be shown outside of America though.

Giving the comic art a slow motion look is an obvious choice, but more info would’ve been much better. There’s also an un-embeddable¬†2 minute version, but it’s more of the same and suffers from the same music/info-less direction. There’s no mention of creators, or DC’s digital releases, or even who the characters are, though they do use well-known superheroes.¬†It’s a great step in the right direction, but what will this really mean to the intended audience, ie, people who haven’t read a comic in years, or ever? It does look pretty at least, but will that be enough?