New Captain America Trailer

Opening on July 22 is Captain America: The First Avenger, and here’s the second trailer showing Chris Evans in skinny phase (which doesn’t look so bad now) and bulked up, Nazi fighting phase. This looks better than Thor.

The patriotic, shield slinger also got a new poster.


  1. I remember all the hoopla by the fans when Michael Keaton was announced to play Bruce Wayne/Batman. I was among those who felt that anyone could wear the costume, it was more about the mood of the movie and the way that the Bat was portrayed.

    Now I find myself here again with the Captain America movie, but this time I’m just not sold on it. I’m disappointed on the choice of using the ” Ultimates” Cap outfit rather than a more modern interpretation right off the bat and this new trailer just doesn’t do it for me. I’ll wait till this hit’s the DVD circuit, and wait for the Avengers film next year?

    • Yeah, I wasn’t sold on Evans either initially, but after seeing the 2 trailers I think he’ll be able to give a more heroic and less comedic performance than he did in the Fantastic Four films. I do like the costume though, as the original one would just look a bit odd on the battlefield, although his comics costume will show up briefly.

  2. […] The new Captain America trailer […]

  3. […] The new Captain America trailer […]

  4. […] The new Captain America trailer […]

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