Wonder Woman Digital Comic Sale

As part of their massive September relaunch DC will be unleashing day and date releases, meaning you’ll be able to get your comics in print or digital form on the same day. Woo hoo! They also have a relatively new, but impressive array of issues from their back catalogue, and if you’re curious about the Amazon Princess, this weekend is the time to read about her. Official details below.

Beginning this Saturday at 12:01 am The WONDER WOMAN 101 digital comics will be on sale for only $0.99 each. Offering a comprehensive digital collection of all things WONDER WOMAN, the sale event covers her storied beginnings to her reimagination in the 80s to the most recent critically-acclaimed storylines ENDS OF THE EARTH, RISE OF THE OLYMPIAN, WARKILLER and CONTAGION. Don’t miss out on stories from WONDER WOMAN creator Dr. William Moulton Marston and writers and artists including George Pérez, Adam Hughes, Greg Rucka and Roy Thomas – after 48 hours all titles will go back to their regular price.

Check out her classic early appearances!

All-Star Comics #8

Sensation Comics #1-9

Wonder Woman Volume 1 #1-7

Discover how she was reimagined in the 1980s!

Wonder Woman Volume 2

• Gods and Mortals (issues #1-7)

• Challenge of the Gods (issues #8-14)

• Beauty and the Beasts (issues #15-19)

• Destiny Calling (issues #20-24)

Read her critically-acclaimed recent adventures!

Wonder Woman Volume 3

• Who is Wonder Woman? (issues #1-4)

• Love and Murder (issues #5-10)

• Amazons Attack (issues #11-13)

• The Circle (issues #14-19)

• Ends of the Earth (issues #20-25)

• Rise of the Olympian (issues #26-33)

• Warkiller (issues #34-39)

• Contagion (issues #40-44)

Wonder Woman #219

Wonder Woman #600-602

Explore her adventures with the Justice League!

JLA #1


Kingdom Come #1

DC: The New Frontier #1-6

Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman: Trinity #1-3

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