Top Cow’s Pilot Season 2010

Publisher Top Cow produced a grand idea when they launched the Pilot Season initiative a few years ago. Basically, they unleash a few one-shots and the discerning public vote on which story deserves a series. Below are the official details from this year’s offerings, complete with all the snazzy covers. There’s something for everyone!


Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced today that Pilot Season 2010 will debut next month with six new concepts and six different creative teams, and will adopt a 6-week event format.  The 32-page preview book, Pilot Season 2010: Declassified, first made available at this year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego, will be available in stores later this month.

Since 2007, Top Cow has given fans the power to choose the next two Top Cow series based on a selection of one-shot Pilot Season “pilot” issues through online voting.  The inaugural Pilot Season initiative garnered more than four million votes from fans across the globe.

”Pilot Season started as an experiment, but has evolved into a highly anticipated yearly event,” commented Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik, “This year we’re amping up the intensity based on fan and retailer feedback by releasing all 6 projects in a weekly format. With a wide variety of creators, genres, and styles represented, I’m confident there’s something for everyone in this 2010’s contestants!”

The six new concepts include:

Pilot Season: Forever #1 – Created by Matt Hawkins and written by screenwriter Brad Ingelsby with art by Thomas Nachlik with a cover by Bagus Hutomo of IFS, Pilot Season: Forever #1 focuses on a pharmaceutical company, Longevity™, and their development of a drug that extends human life and counters the debilitating effects of aging almost indefinitely.

Pilot Season: 39 Minutes #1 – Created and written by William Harms and debuting art from Jerry Lando with a cover by Rafael Albuquerque, Pilot Season: 39 Minutes #1 turns a heist story on its head when a bank robber’s only solution to getaway from a surrounded bank full of customers and employees is to kill everyone in their way.

Pilot Season: Crosshair #1 – Created and co-written by Marc Silvestri and co-writer Jeff Katz with art by Allan Jefferson, Pilot Season: Crosshair #1 centers on former assassin for the CIA, Justin Weller, who just settled into the life of a loving husband and devoted father in the suburbs, coping with the discovery that he has been brainwashed to kill the President of the United States.

Pilot Season: The Asset #1 – Created and written by Filip Sablk and debuting art from David Marquez with a cover by Jenny Frison, Pilot Season: The Asset #1 redefines the femme fatale for the digital age. Madeline is the woman of Doug’s dreams; the same woman who’s trying to get Doug killed.

Pilot Season: 7 Days from Hell #1 – Created and co-written by the team behind Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box,Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin, with jaw dropping art from industry legend Brian Stelfreeze, Pilot Season: 7 Days from Hell #1 finds ex-pat turned mercenary John Bishop mortally wounded, but spared from Hell by a renegade demon seeking redemption.

Pilot Season: Midway Earth #1 – Created and co-written by Marc Silvestri and Rick Loverd with art from Stjepan Sejic, Pilot Season: Midway Earth #1 sees our home planet as the strategic prize in a brutal war between two alien races.

Thor: For Asgard #1 Preview

Man, that Simone Bianchi really can draw hey? I met the Italian artist at last year’s Comic Con and a pic of his X-Men has been stuck up on my wall ever since. Below are a few text-free pages from his upcoming work on a new Thor mini-series.

Your New Look At Thor: For Asgard!

Marvel is pleased to bring fans a new look at Thor: For Asgard #1 (of 6), the hotly anticipated series by the masterful writer behind Loki, Robert Rodi, and astonishing artist Simone Bianchi. Starting this September, Thor: For Asgard #1 (of 6) begins an epic adventure beyond the Rainbow Bridge , showcasing the mighty Avenger as you’ve never seen him before! With Balder dead, and Odin missing – it will be up to Thor to handle the vassal uprising in Asgard. But when his trusty Mjolnir is being denied him, how can the mighty son of Odin put his empire back together? With the first two issues hitting in the same month, fans can’t miss this epic adventure full of action, suspense and intrigue!

THOR: FOR ASGARD #1 (of 6) (JUL100615)
Written by ROBERT RODI
Pencils & Covers by SIMONE BIANCHI
Parental Advisory …$3.99
FOC – 8/12/10, On Sale – 9/1/10

THOR: FOR ASGARD #2 (of 6) (JUL100616)
Written by ROBERT RODI
Pencils & Covers by SIMONE BIANCHI
Parental Advisory …$3.99

FOC – 8/26/10, On Sale – 9/15/10