Lucas Lee Film Posters

It’s good to see these props up close. From the film adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim comic (which opens next week!) comes this little treasure trove; 5 fake posters from the movies of pro skateboarder turned film star Lucas Lee, the 2nd evil ex-boyfriend that Pilgrim must fight. Chris Evans has played The Human Torch and is currently wearing Captain America’s suit for next year’s The First Avenger film, so it’s good to see he still has a sense of humour about being an action man. After having read the excellent, Showgirls, Teen Wolves and Astro Zombies about bad movies, I kinda want to see these made. They look like real straight to DVD films from 1996. You gotta love Evan’s best Zoolander impression and great slogans. Go Action Doctor!

Under the posters (all of which unsurprisingly have the same credits BTW) is a clip showing Pilgrim vs Lee.