See Mitch Breitweiser Paint

Artistically inspiring site Abduzeedo has a new post dedicated to showing the sketchy stylings of exclusive Marvel artist Mitch Breitweiser and his wife Elizabeth. There’s also a short video of him digitally painting a cover (not the one below) compressed to 5 minutes. The cover he’s painting is from last year’s collection of Golden Age goodies entitled Marvel Mystery Handbook: 70th Anniversary Special #1.

Broken Frontier On iPad

Yay! I’ve been writing for Broken Frontier for almost 2 years now, and am pretty pleased that we have  a new digital magazine to call our own, which is now available through iTunes. Official lowdown below.

Broken Frontier Launches New iPad App for Digital Comics Magazine The Frontiersman

App Now Includes Back Issue Catalogue, Remains Free

BF has launched a new iPad app for The Frontiersman, the world’s first digital comics magazine for mobile devices. The new app features the entire back catalogue of the magazine, with new issues continuing to be released for free on Tuesdays at a bi-weekly pace.

“Since we launched the magazine in early May, lots of people have inquired about the availability of back issues as The Frontiersman’s popularity continues to increase,” Broken Frontier’s Editor in Chief Frederik Hautain says. “As of today, all previous issues are accessible in our new app. Because the magazine was created specifically for mobile readers, we’re only making our back catalogue available there. Comics fans that don’t own an iPad can continue to download a free PDF copy of each new release on BF.”

The new app for The Frontiersman can be downloaded via iTunes at the following link:

Currently, there are 8 issues of the magazine available, and the app updates itself whenever a new release becomes available. The Frontiersman #9 is set for release next Tuesday, August 10.

The Frontiersman, Exploring the Comics Universe. Go mobile and download The Frontiersman right now on iTunes or as PDF at

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