Batman And Deadpool Mania In October

We all know that, in the wake of the Merc With A Mouth making his big screen debut in Wolverine’s solo film last year, Marvel have been going nuts with Deadpool fever. In the new Preview solicits for October, Deadpool appears in 7 books, and 2 TPBs. That’s almost 2 new issues a week for the whole month. However, the new Uncanny X-Force title by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena sounds like it might be great, and the more adult Deadpool Max by Dave Lapham with art by Kyle Baker sounds just whacky enough to hold much promise.

The Dark Knight has him beat though, and how. Counting every book that has a Batman in it, whether that be the returning Bruce Wayne, or former Robin Dick Grayson, there’s a whopping 23 appearances of the Caped Crusader, and that’s assuming he doesn’t show up in Azrael, DC Universe Legacies, Knight & Squire or Red Hood: Lost Days. He’s sure to show up in at least one of those. So on average that’s almost a new Batman comic everyday for October. Phew. What has me excited though is Batman: Hidden Treasures, which is an old unpublished Bernie Wrightson tale, and with the assistance of Ron Marz, Len Wein and Kevin Nowlan, I’m sold.

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