Wonder Woman Movie Costume

DC have long been criticised, especially as of late, for not treating their non-white male characters with much respect, whether it be killing them or just not really knowing what to do with them.

Their oldest female superhero hit the headlines last week though thanks to new Wonder Woman writer J. Michael Straczynski, with help from artist Jim Lee and their new costume for Princess Diana. The leather jacket, and streamlined look has very few supporters though, as fans get angry flashback to her similar redesigns in the ’90s. Certainly it’s a less revealing and a more practical costume, but that doesn’t necessarily make it better. I don’t hate the costume (below) as much as my fellow fans in internetdom do, as Diana did need an update. However the new duds do look younger than she’s ever appeared before. WW is not a teenager in desperate need to accessorise. She’s the original warrior princess and should reveal an air of majesty who’s comfortable in her own toned skin. What worries me more is JMS’ new story direction, as hinted at in last week’s Wonder Woman #600. Having an amnesiac Diana running around, dealing with a destroyed Paradise Island, a blind “oracle’ in fishnets and a time altering history leaves very little to be inspired about. Diana doesn’t need to be so drastically “ultimatised.” Greg Rucka wrote her wonderfully in his short time on the title.

Well, on a similar note, Bleeding Cool has revealed some preliminary costume designs from the Wonder Woman film that Buffy creator Joss Whedon was attached to in 2007. The film should be  a priority for Warner Bros. Out of their Trinity only Batman has had a good film or two this decade and Superman’s last awesome film was in 1978. So if she ever does get to the silver screen, maybe they’ll look at these designs from Shawna Trpcic, who also worked with Whedon on his Firefly TV series.

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