Marvel/Aniboom Competition

Here is just one example from the new Aniboom competition, in which creative types download a bunch of pages and effects and get to work on creating their own Marvel motion comics. Prizes include cash and 50 12 month subscriptions. Check out more videos here and get involved yourself if you feel suitably challenged and/or inspired.

Nola #1 Preview

Thanks to BOOM! Studios, here’s a preview of the first issue of a new series debuting in December. Details and random preview pages below. Interesting concept. Great covers too.

An epic journey of blood-thirsty revenge in a decimated land by the acclaimed writer/director of RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR.

Post-Katrina New Orleans comes alive this December when BOOM! Studios premieres NOLA. Writer/director Chris Gorak of the critically acclaimed RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR brings you NOLA, a relentless story about dead-cold vengeance in the face of losing everything.

After cheating death, Nola Thomas wakes up alone in a deserted New Orleans hospital. Bruised, broken, and badly burned, she emerges from the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina with one thing on her mind…revenge.

“NOLA takes the revenge/crime story to a complex setting, amongst a national disaster, where crime, and poverty reached a fever pitch,” says Managing Editor Matt Gagnon. “Combine one of the most culturally rich environments on the planet with a tragedy of biblical proportions, and a passionate anti-hero with a righteous mission and you get NOLA.”

NOLA is a four issue miniseries written by Chris Gorak, scripted by Pierluigi Cothran with sensational interior art by red hot newcomer Damian Couceiro. Issue one ships with two covers in a 50/50 split, featuring art by Erik Jones (THE UNKNOWN) and Chris Brunner (HELLBLAZER), and carries a Diamond Code of SEP090694.