Dr. Professor’s Thesis of Evil

Now if that title doesn’t grab you, check this out.

That great trailer is for a film, or rather a “motion novel” project that looks like a labour of love. This is how the film makers describe the concept, plus its unique technological approach.

Thesis of Evil is a story of Dr. Professor, the most successful super villain of his time. In a time where super villains are more celebrated than heroes, doing evil has become a huge business. And where there is money, there are always the men in suits pushing paperwork and schedules. Dr Professor finds himself not to be the one in control of his own evildoing.

A dark comedy set in the world of superheroes, gigantic mutant koalas and death rays.

The movie will set a corner stone in the new world of original motion novels, a fascinating combination of photography, 3D graphics and animation.

If we had to compare motion novel to another technique, the closest would probably be motion comics. Example: Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men . It’s been mostly used by larger comic publishers to bring animated versions of their previously released comics to the internet generation. Many of the motion comics have been tie-ins to film, comic or game franchises.

The difference between motion comics and the motion novel is that the motion novel is a completely original piece of work based on a new concept. Motion novel has a strong emphasis on story and very distinctive visuals.

I really hope it gets a DVD release here in Oz and it looks stupendous so far. Find out more about the project here.

Marvel Motion Comics In Australia

As I’m impatient I usually order DC’s excellent animated films from America as it takes us a long time to get them here in Oz. However the great animated films like Green Lantern: First Flight, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, etc are now readily available here which is great news. Now I’ve just (accidentally) discovered that the Marvel Knights Motion Comics will be available at JB Hi-Fi stores around the country from December 1. Hopefully they’ll promote them more for the Christmas shopping season. Based directly on respected runs within the Marvel comics these mature and great looking films are all $30 and on DVD and Blu-Ray. These are very high quality fluidly animated films that really bring the original art to life. The titles are Astonishing X-Men: Gifted (by far the best one, based on the work of Joss Whedon and John Cassady), Spider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D, Iron Man: Extremis and Black Panther. All are visually different and a great intro to the characters and comics themselves. There’s no mention of the special features but I assume, like the U.S versions there will also be trailers, interviews and the like. Check them out here and some of the motion comics in action here.

Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic

With the success of the Spider-Woman motion comic, it’s now the X-Men’s turn. From what I’ve seen it’s pretty impressive. Details below.

Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic Debuts On iTunes Today!

The most hotly anticipated motion comic of the season is here, as Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic Episode 1 is now available on iTunes! Based on the award-winning story by superstars Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and John Cassaday (Captain America), the X-Men are faced with a mysterious new villain and a possible cure for the mutant gene! Now Cyclops, Wolverine and all your favorite mutants must face the greatest threats of their lives and, before it’s all done, experience one of the most jaw-dropping moments in Marvel history! What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to purchase the first episode now!

Don’t miss a single episode of the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic— subscribe to a season pass, available on iTunes, by clickingHERE!

For more information on motion comics please visit Marvel.com at www.marvel.com/motioncomics




Marvel/Aniboom Competition

Here is just one example from the new Aniboom competition, in which creative types download a bunch of pages and effects and get to work on creating their own Marvel motion comics. Prizes include cash and 50 12 month subscriptions. Check out more videos here and get involved yourself if you feel suitably challenged and/or inspired.

Superman, Batman And Batgirl Motion Comics

The Watchmen Motion Comic is awesome, and now more are on the way. Full skinny below.


First Episode of Superman: Red Son Available for Free via iTunes for Limited Time – Click here now.

Complete Motion Comics Series for “Batgirl: Year One” and “Batman: Black and White” Collection 2 Debuts

RED_S0N_IMAGE1Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution today announced three new additions to the best-selling Warner Premiere Motion Comics slate. Classic graphic novels Superman: Red Son and Batgirl: Year One, as well as graphic album Batman: Black and White Collection 2 entered the digital age as Warner Premiere Motion Comics on the iTunes Store. Also announced today comrades everywhere, for a limited time, can download the first glorious episode of Superman: Red Son for free and see how Stalin’s most powerful weapon swayed the balance of power during the Cold War.

Continuing to lead the motion comics experience, Warner Premiere’s Motion Comics connect comic fans to authentic DC characters through short-form content. The Motion Comics slate draws on a deep reservoir of source material to bring a visually engaging experience to life through the use of subtle movements, voice-overs, sweeping music scores and stunning comic book artwork.


“Last year we debuted our Motion Comics slate and saw the voracious appetite graphic novel fans had for this digital content,” said Diane Nelson, president, Warner Premiere. “One of the reasons for our success is Warner Premiere working closely with DC Comics to determine if a story naturally lends itself to becoming a motion comic. Another key is the process we use to select the studios that ultimately create these motion comics. They are very passionate comic book fans so creating these motion comics really are a labor of love. We’re very proud of our success and look forward to bringing more titles to comic fans in the future.”

Superman: Red Son

RED_SON_IMAGE2Warner Premiere Motion Comics is proud to bring “Superman: Red Son” to its Motion Comics slate. Based on the Eisner Award-winning graphic novel written by Mark Millar and drawn by Dave Johnson and Kilian Plunkett “Superman: Red Son” takes viewers back in time to the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union where Superman is fighting for the Communists. In this alternate universe, Superman lands in Russia rather than the United States andSoviet Union’s greatest weapon as the world is transformed into a communist state opposed only by a crumbling capitalistic AmericaLex Luthor. Now as Superman stands on the brink of ultimate power, three heroes, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, each make a valiant stand to destroy the reign of the Man of Steel. The Superman: Red Son Motion Comic was animated by New Zealand-based Karactaz.

For a limited time, the first episode of Superman: Red Son is now available on iTunes for free. To download, visit here or here. Future episodes will debut once a week and fans are encouraged to sign up for a Season Pass to automatically receive future episodes.

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