Black Suit Superman On Smallville

Here’s a pic of Tom Welling in Season 9 of Smallville. No, it’s not the classic costume, (no surprise) and it looks more like his black regeneration suit from the 1992-93 Death of Superman storyline. See?

Black Superman Suit

Superman #81

Neil Gaiman’s Bookshelf

Thanks to I’ve become aware of this entry from the book loving site, Shelfari. If you’ve ever wanted to know what a world renowned novelist/comics scribe’s personal library looks like, check out this gallery of Neil Gaiman’s packed shelves.¬†And if you are somewhat humbled by the literary treasures on display, and prefer the more pop culture-centred library of a fanboy just like you and me, check out CBR’s latest entry in their badly named Shelf Porn series.

Neil Gaiman's Library 1

Neil Gaiman's Library 2