Stephenie Meyer Bio Comic Preview

Before the Twilight sequel, New Moon hits the screens in mid-November, here’s a preview of the biographical comic about the novelist behind the magic – Stephenie Meyer. I’m one of the few fanboys who didn’t mind Twilight and I certainly don’t think the stars and its many fans, “ruined Comic-Con,” this year. The more people that maybe get exposed to comics, the better. I always thought Kristen Stewart would be a star one day too as I’ve seen her in indie flicks and popcorn films over the years. I am looking forward to New Moon, but I can wait for the DVD.

Anyway, here’s a few random pages of the Meyer bio comic from Bluewater Productions, which arrives on November 11. At least Meyer seems to have faith and talent. Boo to you Dan Brown! Underneath the pics is the official info from Bluewater.


Stephenie Meyer Bio Comic Page-01

Stephenie Meyer Bio Comic Page-05

Stephenie Meyer Bio Comic Page-11

Stephenie Meyer Bio Comic Page-13

Stephenie Meyer Bio Comic Page-14

The Diamond Comics order codes are:

$3.99 – comic book SEP090667

$6.99 -graphic novel version – SEP090668

Call your local comic book store to order.

Female Force: Stephenie Meyer

From a dream to a string of best sellers to a successful movie franchise, Stephenie Meyer has captured the imagination of millions with her stories about a young girl and her vampire lover. Now the tables are turned as Stephenie Meyer becomes the featured protagonist in a special Female Force doubled-sized one shot. Female Force: Stephenie Meyer, released just in time for the upcoming movie sequel based on her book “New Moon,” examines her rise to popularity, her Twilight saga novels and her future plans. This book will also include the history of Forks; the Washington peninsula town where her stories take place as well as other bonus material not found anywhere else.