Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths Pics

Two teaser images have been released for the next DC animated film arriving next year. The setup is this: a heroic Lex Luthor arrives from an alternate earth requesting the help of the Justice League in defeating their evil counterparts on good Lex’s home planet. Below are pics of hero Lex in gold armour surrounded by “our” Justice League, and a pic of the bad League’s version of Batman, namely Owlman.

With a story that seems to be based on 2000’s graphic novel, JLA: Earth 2 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely and the introduction of the Multiverse into the DC animated films, this will be yet another one to watch. Here’s the official skinny.

An original story from award-winning animation/comics writer Dwayne McDuffie (Justice League) rooted in DC Comics’ popular canon of “Crisis” stories.

Bruce Timm (Superman Doomsday, Green Lantern) is executive producer. Lauren Montgomery (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern) and Sam Liu (Superman/Batman: Public Enemies) are co-directors.

Good Lex Luthor and JLA

In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, a “good” Lex Luthor arrives from an alternate universe to recruit the Justice League to help save his Earth from the Crime Syndicate, a gang of villainous characters with virtually identical super powers to the Justice League. What ensues is the ultimate battle of good versus evil in a war that threatens both planets and, through a diabolical plan launched by Owlman, puts the balance of all existence in peril.

All-star voice cast led by Mark Harmon (NCIS) as Superman, James Woods (Ghosts of Mississippi) as Owlman, Chris Noth (Sex and the City, Law & Order) as Lex Luthor, William Baldwin (Dirty Sexy Money) as Batman, Gina Torres (Serenity, Firefly) as Super Woman and Bruce Davison (X-Men) as the President.


comiXology Buys PopShopOnline

Popular comics site comiXology has not only helped bring comics to the digital landscape, including the iPhone, but have now also just acquired the online comics retailer resource, PopShopOnline. Details below.

comiXology, makers of Comics by comiXology digital comic app for the iPhone, announces the acquisition of PopShopOnline, the leading provider of comic book retailing e-commerce sites.

ComiXology LogocomiXology.com provides information on new releases and connects comic fans with local retailers who can fulfill their “pull lists.” Its Comics by comiXology app enables iPhone users to view their comic books in vibrant color and connect with local retailers via the app’s Retailer Locator feature. PopShopOnline powers brick-and-mortar retailers’ web sites, including content management and online fulfillment.

“The acquisition of PopShopOnline demonstrates our continued dedication to the comic book retailer market,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology.com. “This strengthens our unique position in the online and digital comics market, being able to connect consumers, publishers and retailers unlike anyone else.”

“comiXology was the clear choice when deciding what to do with the PopShopOnline service,” said Lee Bissonnette, creator of PopShopOnline. “I know these guys are uniquely positioned to expand the offering, treat my clients right and grow it to the next level in a way that no one else could. I look to see PopShopOnline become bigger and better because of their ownership.”

About comiXology

Since 2007, comiXology has been exposing more people to the world of comics through comiXology.com and related applications. comiXology.com, comic book retailer tools, iPhone and Blackberry apps and digital comics are all connected through the comiXology platform. The Comics by comiXology app for iPhone and iPod touch delivers a fresh approach to digital comic books through its guided-view reader technology, in-app purchasing, and Retailer Locator which enables users to find nearby comic book retailers. For more information, visit http://www.comixology.com.

Halo 3: ODST Trailer

Remember when Halo 3 came out and they had those awesome live action trailers? Well, Bungie are doing it again, and this time there’s actual fighting, Brutes, and cool helmets. This should convince anyone how great a Halo film could be. Halo 3: ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) is a stand-alone FPS and is released for the XBOX 360 on September 22. You won’t play the Master Chief, but that’s no biggie. Shooting baddies will still be fun.