Smallville Season 9

I’ve never really got in to this show. I have watched all of season 6 and half of 7, and a few other episodes here and there. When it premiered the lame villain of the week and romantic confusion just didn’t do it for me. Then it slowly became more epic and once the DC guest stars dropped by, I became more curious. Plus Geoff Johns has introduced the Legion of Super Heroes to TV and is about to do the same with the Justice Society of America. I’m curious to see how he pulls that off. There’s been talk about Smallville ending for a few months now, but it looks to be returning stronger than ever. The Season 9 trailer has just debuted and features an English Zod and Brian Austin Green as John Corben, AKA Metallo, complete with a Kryptonite heart. Plus Clark wears the S symbol on a black suit similar to his return in the comics after his death. It also does have the Wonder Twins from the Super Friends cartoon, though they won’t be called such. Oh boy. There’s plenty of other characters to choose from, but I’ll see how they reinvent the twins.

Smallville Metallo

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