How Smallville Should End

First up, I should admit that I’m not a regular Smallville watcher. I wasn’t interested until it left the high school villain of the week plots for the grander, DC guest star scenarios of the more recent seasons. I’ve only watched 2 complete series, and here in Australia the show hasn’t screened for years. In fact, the 9th season has only just been released on DVD, and season 8 is back on the air, at a rather unflattering and often changing timeslot. However, since the show’s final, 10th season is only days away from ending (on Friday, in the U.S at least)  it’s been getting a lot of deserved attention, including how it won’t end. I was daydreaming at work, so I typed this up quickly. It’s only 2 scenes, with hints at the growing DC Universe with Batman, a guest star that was never realised in the show, although it was originally a young-Bruce Wayne-grows-up premise before the studio big wigs settled on Clark Kent. Chloe, portrayed by Allison Mack was always a proto-Barbara Gordon/Oracle too.

The last line will be important in this show, and we know Tom Welling will whack on the Superman suit. We also know actor Michael Rosenbaum’s back as Lex Luthor after years away, so a memorable throwdown between the two has to be inevitable.

So, here’s my brief and largely unedited, script, with the dialogue appearing mid-scene. Yes, I know the formatting may be off, and I’m happier with my first scene rather than the not-quite-there last, but I just thought I’d share it anyway. After all, how often does a decade running show on Superman end?


ORACLE (laughs)

You misunderstand me, Miss Sullivan. We don’t need your help. I’m offering you a job.


A job? Thank you, Barbara, but I’d rather not be a mindless cog in WayneTech’s corporate machine, especially if it means moving to the hellhole of Gotham. No offense.


None taken, but you wouldn’t have to move. Gotham has a set of eyes and ears already – me. What we need is another pair of both, here in Metropolis.


Okay, I appreciate the cloak and dagger, but if you don’t start bringing some clarity to this conversation, I’m going to be on my formerly merry way.


Here’s the deal. I know all about your…nocturnal activities.


(interrupts) I…


Please. Hold the witty comments. Myself and my…boss need a woman of your skills. You know, almost as well as we do, that our world is on the brink of something terrifying and glorious. Your Wall of Weird was cute and all, and the Watchtower was a step in the right direction, but I’m here to tell you – you haven’t seen anything yet.


And you want to show me this big, bad world. Is that right?



(hands her a business card)

Don’t let your curiosity fade into ignorance and regret. Here’s where you can reach me – 24/7 and on the other side – that would be your starting salary. I look forward to working with you Chloe.


Lex in his classic purple and green power suit is facing Superman in his classic costume. Both men are hovering above the city’s skyscrapers, facing each other. Lex is defiant and filled with hate. Superman is heroic, preparing himself for what he sense will be the first of many violent encounters with his nemesis.


This is my city. Mine. No alien will dictate terms to the human race. You’re either my subordinate, as you should be, or you get out of my way.


That’s ridiculous. I’m not your competition Luthor. I’m just here to help.


The human race has proved time and again that it can help itself. We have achieved wonders. Miracles. We have perfected ourselves by sheer genius and determination and yes, I have plenty of both.


True, and the misguided pride to use them in all the wrong ways.


I didn’t land here with a pristine costume and the powers of a god! I turned myself into this! You can’t take fate from my hands alien. This city, this world is mine… and I’m not sharing.


In another life, we could’ve been friends. Don’t force my hand.



You don’t belong here. It’s as simple as that.


You know what’s simple Luthor? There is a right and a wrong in the universe, and the distinction between the two is not that difficult to make.


The bumper sticker ideology of a fool.


I know who I am Luthor, and I know that my fight against evil is just beginning. It’s a never ending battle.

Lex screams. The two men leap at each other. The action freezes just before they collide. John Williams’ Superman: The Movie theme rises.


 Well, you get the idea.

In related Smallville news, there’s this from Warner Bros.

Prepare for the SMALLVILLE Series Finale!

Relive each heroic moment by downloading the series now on iTunes.

To celebrate Warner Bros, Digital Distribution is giving fans the chance to get FREE Downloads of all 10 season premieres in HD and discounts on seasons 1-9, now for a limited time on iTunes.

Chuck and Planet Smallville

Go Chuck Norris! He’s 70 you know. Wow. Well, for those of you like me who fondly recall the ’80s as a golden age of Saturday morning cartoons, here comes some good news. Chuck Norris Karate Commandos. I still have my Chuck Norris action figure. Here’s the official description for the collection and trailer for the 1986 cartoon. It’s all 5 episodes and is MOD, ie, manufactured on demand and can be ordered here.

Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos

Martial arts master Chuck Norris brings his thrilling mix of heroism and incredible athletic prowess to this animated action series, blending the courage and ingenuity of the American frontiersman with the willpower and stoicism of the samurai warrior. Through five exciting installments, Norris and his Karate Kommandos warrior crew battle the sinister organization VULTURE, a sophisticated terrorist cabal led by The Klaw and his lieutenant Super Ninja. Norris created the series and kicks off each adventure.

Mr. Norris has lots of costumes doesn’t he?

Smallville’s final season is just about to end, and now you can get the complete collection. It’d make a nice companion to the Blu-Ray Superman Anthology. 

The Ultimate Collector’s Set for the Ultimate Fan 


Featuring All 218 Episodes, Including Never-Before-Seen Special Features, in Highly Collectable New Packaging

After 10 incredible seasons, Smallville: The Complete Series will arrive on DVD this fall. This ultimate collector’s set for the ultimate fan features over 192 hours of content – including all 218 episodes, over five hours of newly added special features such as an unaired, never-before-seen Superboy pilot from 1961, a 90-minute series retrospective with all new interviews, the 2010 final Comic-Con panel and more!

In addition, exclusive printed materials include a Daily Planet newspaper, written by DC Comics, that highlights the important storylines developed during the 10-year run of the show and an episode guide with never-before-seen production art (storyboards/sketches) and behind-the-scenes photos. Smallville: The Complete Series is presented in highly collectable new packaging consisting of two lay-flat picture books that hold 62 discs.

“It’s been an unbelievable 10 season run for Smallville, still one of the most popular series on television and one of our best-selling titles on DVD,” said Rosemary Markson, WHV Vice President, TV and Special Interest Marketing. “The fan base for the franchise is not only huge, but loyal and they’re going to love this ultimate collector’s edition.”

Soaring toward the end of its 10th and final season, this modern retelling of a hero’s legendary origins blends realism, action, heart and humor as Clark Kent completes his epic journey by claiming his birthright as the world’s ultimate hero – Superman.

Starring Tom Welling as “Clark Kent,” Allison Mack as “Chloe Sullivan,” Kristin Kreuk as “Lana Lang,” Michael Rosenbaum as “Lex Luthor,” John Glover as “Lionel Luthor,” Erica Durance as “Lois Lane,” Annette O’Toole as “Martha Kent,” John Schneider as “Jonathan Kent,” Justin Hartley as “Oliver Queen,” Sam Jones III as “Pete Ross,” Cassidy Freeman as “Tess Mercer,” Aaron Ashmore as “Jimmy Olsen,” Eric Johnson as “Whitney Fordman,” Laura Vandervoort as “Kara,” Callum Blue as “Zod,” Jensen Ackles as “Jason Teague” and Sam Witwer as “Davis Bloome,” Smallville has also featured many notable guest stars including Terence Stamp, James Marsters, Michael McKean, Ian Somerhalder, Jane Seymour, Brian Austin Green, Pam Grier, Helen Slater, Michael Ironside, Julian Sands, Tori Spelling, Rutger Hauer and Christopher Reeve.

Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Based on DC Comics characters, Smallville was developed for television by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar. Its executive producers have included Gough & Millar, Brian Peterson, Kelly Souders, James Marshall, Michael Tollin, Brian Robbins, Joe Davola, Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer, Greg Beeman, Ken Horton and Tom Welling. The series is from Tollin/Robbins Productions, Millar/Gough Ink and Warner Bros. Television.

The two-hour Smallville series finale will air on Friday, May 13, 2011, at 8pm on The CW Television Network.


  • Never-before-seen Superboy pilot from 1961
  • 90-minute series retrospective with all new interviews
  • 2010 final Comic-Con panel
  • A Daily Planet newspaper written by DC Comics that highlights the important storylines developed during the 10-year run of the show
  • Episode guide with never-before-released on DVD production art and behind the scenes photos
  • And more! 


Running time: 192 Hours

SRP: $339.88

Human Planet

BBC’s latest and naturally, awesome series is not on nature, but man. The last episode I saw featured a tribe that lives in extraordinary treehouses, an elephant that understands over 100 commands and 3 languages, a Brazilian man whose job is to prove and publicize the existence of undiscovered villages and the danger of getting fresh honey in Papua New Guinea. Here’s the official lowdown on the series, which is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Human Planet is the first BBC/Discovery Channel co-production to focus solely on human behavior. Since premiering in the UK, the series has received overwhelming critical acclaim including The Telegraph proclaiming, “it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before” and The Sun stating that it’s “visually stunning and utterly fascinating, this is seriously impressive stuff.” From the makers of Planet Earth, Life and Blue Planet, Human Planet focuses on humanity’s amazing, complex and profound relationship with nature. It weaves together 80 stories, many never told before, to illuminate humanity’s uncanny ability to adapt and live in every corner of our diverse world. Each episode centers on a particular habitat, and by using innovative and cutting edge filming techniques, reveals how its people have created astonishing solutions in the face of extreme adversity.

The Discovery Channel version will be presented by Charles Parnell and consists of six episodes that will take viewers to the farthest reaches of the globe culminating with, Life at the Extremes, a “best of” episode. The Human Planet DVD and Blu-ray will include all eight episodes from the original UK broadcast version, presented by John Hurt, extending the home viewing experience with three hours of footage not seen in the North American broadcast. It will include the episode, Cities, which will be exclusive to the DVD and Blu-ray. Additionally, the DVD and Blu-ray will take viewers deeper into the heart of Human Planet with its set of ten Behind the Lens “making of” bonus features, and, exclusive to Blu-ray, a further “making of” feature called, Zanskar, accessible via BD-Live. Zanskar showcases the astonishing life struggles of a resilient group of people living at the edge of the Himalayas.

To support the series, BBC has launched an official Facebook page, featuring the new game Human Planet Trivia Challenge.  Challenge friends, race against the clock, and see if you have what it takes to top the leader board.  Each week we will be giving away incredible prizes including Blu-ray/DVD copies, framed photos, and award winning books.

One lucky grand prize winner will receive an amazing Human Planet prize pack!


Superman and Green Lantern Stuff

By now you may have seen the best image so far of the Superman costume in the final few episodes of Smallville. If not, here it is. The suit, and Lois gaining temporary superpowers, will be seen on the May 6 episode, titled Prophecy.

The official description for the finale to be aired on May 13 (in America at least) has also been released.

BE THERE AS SMALLVILLE WRAPS UP CLARK KENT’S TEN-YEAR JOURNEY IN AN EPIC TWO-HOUR SERIES FINALE – The story of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) culminates in this epic two-hour series finale as Clark takes the last step to becoming the Man of Steel. With surprise guest appearances, nods to the first few seasons of the series and Michael Rosenbaum’s return as Lex Luthor, this final episode wraps up a decade-long story following one’s man’s journey to becoming the world’s greatest superhero.

Yes, they are using the Superman Returns shield. I guess if Zack Snyder’s film was being released earlier than December next year, they’d use that instead.

DC’s The Source blog has their final artist spotlight post on Doug Mahnke. He’s been doing great work for years, particularly on Green Lantern.

Finally, Tomar-Re, voiced by Aussie Geoffrey Rush (Shine, Pirates of the Caribbean) gets his own spotlight poster for the June film, and a new TV spot has just been released with some new footage.

The Amazing Spider-Man Film

The wall crawler’s reboot now has an official title, in The Amazing Spider-Man. Makes sense to name it after Spidey’s longest running comic series. I suppose the sequels will be Spectacular and Sensational, or maybe even Web Of.

The photo below is apparently of actor Andrew Garfield in costume. The film opens in 3D on July 3 2012.

On to superheroes of the small screen now and Superboy will be making his debut on Smallville’s last season. That’s a surprising character to have appear on the show, considering the character, known as Conn0r Kent (a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor) didn’t appear in the comics until after Superman’s 1992 death.

On a more light hearted note, though not for Marvel and DC’s lawyers, here’s a video from the Indonesian made TV movie, Supergirl, starring an actress in a Spider-Woman costume. They could’ve just given the heroine a new name and costume, but I admire their boldness, if not their flying SFX.

Smallville Season 9 Pic

Thanks to the Superman Homepage for the heads up on this: a new promo picture for Smallville Season 9’s Absolute Justice TV film, written by comics scribe Geoff Johns. It stars members of the JSA, including Dr. Fate, Stargirl and Hawkman as pictured and airs next month in America.

JSA Smallville Pics

The upcoming 9th season of Smallville seems to be the most talked about, thanks mostly to 2 episodes guest starring the Justice Society of America (or at least some of them), which has now become a film entitled Smallville: Absolute Justice. Penned by comics scribe Geoff Johns (the architect behind DC’s current dead-rising event, Blackest Night) the film airs on February 5. The pics of the members of the original DC super team are below, comprising of Stargate’s Michael Shanks as Hawkman, Brent Stait as Dr. Fate and Britt Irvin as Stargirl. Of course, comments on every page posting these pics have been flying thick and fast and most fans seem excited, but I’m doubtful. I’m glad Smallville is finally embracing the expansive DC Universe and that the guest stars have some faithful costumes (as opposed to last season’s simple Legion of Super Heroes threads), but these pics make the characters appear a little odd. The costumes look normal when on muscular 2-D bodies, but not so much here. Hopefully when they’re moving and fighting and being superheroic they’ll look as cool as they’re supposed to.

Smallville Season 9 Trailer

For the last few seasons Smallville has been like  a live action version of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, with all its nods to DC lore and fan fave cameos. Season 9 of the series begins next year and below is a trailer, focused on the much hyped Justice Society of America two parter in which Hawkman, Dr. Fate and Stargirl come out of hiding and show young Clark Kent and his buddies a thing or two about crimefighting. If you watch the teaser carefully, you’ll see Alan Scott’s Green Lantern ring, Dr. Fate and Sandman. The two episodes satisfied the network execs enough that they’ll now be a movie event, titled Smallville: Absolute Justice, which will air in February, and if that’s not exciting enough, the episodes are written by comics scribe Geoff Johns, who also introduced the Legion of Superheroes into Smallville recently.

Black Suit Superman On Smallville

Here’s a pic of Tom Welling in Season 9 of Smallville. No, it’s not the classic costume, (no surprise) and it looks more like his black regeneration suit from the 1992-93 Death of Superman storyline. See?

Black Superman Suit

Superman #81

Superman, Batman And Speedy

If you’ve seen the excellent Green Lantern: First Flight animated film, you’ve already seen this, but now the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies site has been updated with this First Look at the team-up movie. Based on the first few issues of the Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness series, with Lex Luthor as President and more guest stars than a season’s worth of Justice League Unlimited, this is going to be one awesome movie. Check out the almost 8 minute sneak peek below, with interviews from the cast and lots of perty pics from the comics and the film, which is released on September 29.

And still on DC-related news, the upcoming season 9 of Smallville not only has Zod, Metallo and a Geoff Johns-penned JSA episode, it also will introduce Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy. Not the Roy Harper version who grows up to become Red Arrow, but rather the Kevin Smith and Phil Hester created HIV-positive female teen, Mia Dearden. Green Arrow in Smallville is already quite young, but I guess you’re never young enough to have a younger apprentice.

Mia Dearden SpeedyMia Speedy

Smallville Season 9

I’ve never really got in to this show. I have watched all of season 6 and half of 7, and a few other episodes here and there. When it premiered the lame villain of the week and romantic confusion just didn’t do it for me. Then it slowly became more epic and once the DC guest stars dropped by, I became more curious. Plus Geoff Johns has introduced the Legion of Super Heroes to TV and is about to do the same with the Justice Society of America. I’m curious to see how he pulls that off. There’s been talk about Smallville ending for a few months now, but it looks to be returning stronger than ever. The Season 9 trailer has just debuted and features an English Zod and Brian Austin Green as John Corben, AKA Metallo, complete with a Kryptonite heart. Plus Clark wears the S symbol on a black suit similar to his return in the comics after his death. It also does have the Wonder Twins from the Super Friends cartoon, though they won’t be called such. Oh boy. There’s plenty of other characters to choose from, but I’ll see how they reinvent the twins.

Smallville Metallo

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