Mr. Oblivious

One of the great things about Comic-Con is the massive amount of undiscovered talent on show. On my last day, with time dwindling I went for a last look down the Small Press aisles and browsed, and grabbed a few cards and flyers for later perusing on-line. Mr. Oblivious is one such discovery. The brainchild of Mark Gonyea, Mr. Oblivious is a regular web toon. The great thing about it is that the majority of the silent strips take a bit of thinking before the laughing commences, and all are accompanied by his initial sketches and thoughts. The wit on display is greater than the simple artistic approach may suggest. Gonyea is a talented guy and besides his Mr. Oblivious work, has also done graphic design, Story Posters and has released two books on design. Snoop around his site for a look at some unique art and a few chuckles.

Mr. Oblivious Canoe

Mr. Oblivious Parking Meter

Mr. Oblivious Security

Mr. Oblivious Tennis

Morph Story Poster

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