This Week’s Ramblings

Dellec #1Beast Boy from the Teen Titans appears in Batman: The Brave and The Bold #7, the series based on the amusing cartoon. This issue centres on the original Doom Patrol and gives succinct origins for each member, and Beast Boy, or Changeling as he’s sometimes known, is along for the ride. However, why does he wear a mask? Odd.

Dellec #1 is the kick-off for this new series from Aspen Comics. They’ve wisely branched out their properties lately, so their books aren’t all about Fathom and Soulfire. The teaser Dellec #0 didn’t offer any answers to the direction of this new series, and we are not given any more clues here. What we do know is that Dellec is a tough guy who fights evil, with elements of faith thrown in for good measure. This issue opens splendidly with the hero’s fight against a gang calling themselves the Kongs, because they dress up as primates. The art by Micah Gunnell is awesome, and a perfect fit for this action packed book. Writers Frank Mastromauro and Vince Hernandez really need to start revealing more though, especially considering there’s only 7 more issues to go. So far it’s all noise and blood, but with very little substance, but it does have plenty of room to move and is graphically designed very well.

The best line this week would have to come from Dynamite’s Sherlock Holmes #3 written by John Reppion and Leah Moore. Ready? Here it is.

“Oh my giddy Aunt! Will you look at that?”

Classic. I’m going to slip that into my conversations from now on.

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